Orders - No Jokes if poss?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by bibo_boy, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have any info on the orders process????

    i.e. tips etc..... :wink:
  2. You'll probably get more help on the Officers Forum or OTC Forum. If you don't get what you are looking for there, PM me with exactly what you're after and I'll be happy to oblige.

  3. Keep it simple as possible, and use layman's terms

    Stick to the headings in the TAMS (If you can get them) and you can go wrong.

    Develop you own short hand as this will assist in writing you orders
  4. yep, say the mission twice is always a winner

    Is this the full orders set or QBO's you're intersted in ? Is this for a cadre, if so learn them parrot fashion
  5. Ground
    Mission (x2)
    Service Suport
    Command and Signals

    Is that right ? its been a few years and had to remember off the top of m head, but somethings never go away

    now then PAWPERSO ........
  6. The clock starts running from the minute the orders have been delivered to you. You can take one third of the time available to get your sh-it together write and deliver your orders. This rule applies all the way down the chain.

    Your subordinates get two thirds of the time available to do their orders / prepare.

    So if you have three hours from the end of the OCs O grp to moving off take the first hour to write and deliver your orders. The section commanders then have two hours to get their stuff together (they get one third of two hours = 40mins) and deliver to the blokes, the blokes have 80mins then to sort their lives out.

    That's how it should work.....

    Presuming you are acting Pl commander it's a good idea to get your Pl Sgt to deliver the logistics, cas, ammo and POW sections to save you time and fecking it up.

    Always rehearse. If you biff the orders you can save it in rehearsals

    Ask questions as you go (Question - pause - nominate) and get the guys to take notes.

    Oh yes and the Mission - Make sure that you have a unifying purpose.

    "2 platoon will attack and hold the Bridge IN ORDER to allow the company to cross and secure the airfield."

    The objective is taking the airfield not taking the bridge Auftragstactic, mission command etc. This is important to get right so ask questions if you don't get it.
  7. "any info on the orders process"?

    Blimey! Where to start? I think you'd be better off being specific about what you want to know. i.e. is it delivery, the estimate/orders process, battle procedure, or what? You could fill a couple of pages just discussing something like 'main effort'...
  8. Cheers guy's this stuffs gold.....

    Thanks for the help. Just need to practice more... :lol:
  9. Pretty much - only change is that Ground is now a seperate heading within Prelims:


    Sy of OGp
    Task Org
    Ground - model and orientation

    RMAS Intro to Orders Identifies 3 types of Orders:

    Warning Orders
    Formal Orders (loads of variants - see TAM for details)
    Quick Battle Orders
  10. No? So it's the orders lucky dip then.

    here's some stuff about patrol orders:

    ref earlier posts, Ground and Sit. En are flexible. Sometimes it's better to give 'Situation Enemy/Ground' so you're relating the features of the ground with the enemy. This is because the two are inextricably linked - what's an enemy position, for example? It's a piece of ground being used by the enemy for a specific purpose.

    What is it that you want to know though?
  11. I'm teaching recruits and wanted to give my exercises a realistic format.

    I have some experience of taking/giving orders but thought this would be also good experience for Det. commanders course.....

    Thanks again. :lol:
  12. If you're teaching recruits then there must be someone at your STT (RTC) who has been on the Sandhurst Train The Trainer Course. They will have all the most up-to-date Orders Teaching Material.

    Alternatively, PM me with an Armymail or unit e-mail and I'll forward you the intro .ppt and script.
  13. Best thing to do for Det comanders course is to get a TAMs (like rocking horse shat i know). They will mark you from the TAMs not from some gucci orders book your mucker has given you. We had a couple of guys on my course who insisted on using the format they got from their mates. Low and behold they had to give another set of orders at 2am on the excersise phase. Those of us who listened and gave it from the TAMs only gave them once and didn't have to prepare orders at dark O'clock on excersise. Also if you use the tams you can't miss anything out its all in there!!!!!
  14. Thanks..... :)

    As you say... Rocking horse poo!!!!! :cry:
  15. TAMs are on the Electronic Battle Box V6 & V7, probably earlier versions as well so should be readily available from your PSAO. Also on Junior Officers' & Potential Officers' Training CD Pack - available from an RTC near you. Or, if you've got broadband and a legitimate mil email I can email you a copy but it's around 2.5 meg so broadband a must.