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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by LCPL_Bull, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. Just started to make up my own model kit, i already have the A3 sheet of symbols but would like to know what else to include(yes i did search and use arrsepedia but none where of much use) all help much appreciated
    Thanks Bull
  2. Piece of felt, poncho or IPK for the ground, or A few monoply houses, Red arrows for dir of enemy forces, Blue for friendly one for North Coloured chalks for adding roads and rivers, Maybe some moss as used on trainsets for woods etc. And an old tobacco tin to keep it all in.
  3. What a load of crap - let's have a show of hands as to how many blokes in Afghanistan are carrying round Monopoly houses and trainset moss etc.
  4. As he is in Sennybridge at the moment, it may be applicable
  5. I did use a model kit quite alot in Afghan. However my model kit was quite limited as I'm of the thought that stones twigs and mess tins etc can do the job just fine.
  6. Bull, aren't you a cadet? You aren't likely to need a bit of yellow card saying GPMG, are you?

    Ribbons, monopoly houses etc are all a load of shite; you spend an hour arranging it all, then you turn your back and the wind has it all away. They rattle in the little tin, and it might well be a big tin if you're taking enough houses to make a model of part of Baghdad or enough fake moss to represent a big wood.

    Take a few bits and bobs, but for the most part use your imagination. You can go a long way with sticks, stones and mine tape.
  7. ive got the village setup

    heres one i made earlier...

    and if your going anywhere sandy...

    not very practical you may need to remove the sand for transport...
  8. I have a number of credit ccard sized (ish) laminated cards, blue for fr, red for en, green for ground (bridges and the like) yellow for CBRN.

    One side is printed ie C Fire team etc, the other side is left blank. So I can write on it anything I haven´t got.

    Lid of tobacco tin doubles as north indicator, yellow ones normally used for grids to be honest.

    Loads of differnet coloured and thickness of ribbons. couple of cut up wire coat hangers for securing things (like gold).

    Whole shebang fits in tobacco tin, bar green string which is used to hold it shut..... and for grids.

    Alot can be bodged but somethings you just need a little help to make it happen quick and smoothly.

    Sack monopoly houses or plastic trucks. Good for a laugh mind.

  9. A3 ???
  10. would you like some fast air support?


    although your ships look a little dated... sorry...
  11. If you can hold on for two years we may have new carriers :)
  12. Mine consists of blank laminated cards, DKP and string. The cards (Red, blue and yellow) are printed on one side and can be written on. Everyone has green string (and I usually end up with the roll in the top of my bergan anyway...) and the rest I get from the ground + my pockets.

    Job done! I tried using ribbon etc, but you can never have enough so I've stopped using it.

    T C
  13. no need, i borrow my mates on the weekend

  14. First thing on my packing list is:
    Body armour...check
    little houses from monopoly....what the f*ck
    MOSS...like there is not enough natural resources in BRECON?..more moss than you can shake a stick at!!

    Taffnp...you are big chief talking bollox