Orders/Map Making kit

Dear all,

I've got a course coming up which involves giving orders, etc..

Its been a couple of years since i've done it last, but I want to make sure I'm prepared. As such, I have got a vauge idea about what should be in the model kit, but i'd welcome any comments or suggestions about what to put in it.

Any comments on the idea of going lightweight - i.e. buy a pack of mini Post-it notes (12 pads in 3 colours) and write on "HOUSE", "MG", "GATE" or whatever as appropriate?
a bit of powderpaint works wonders, allied with a few feet of coloured ribbons /basic laminated coloured card.

Keep it simple is the key, try to use what is already there with the suggested stuff to bring it to life a bit.

Old ice-cream tub, or f you want a small one, a mint tin. with the following in it:
ribbon (blue) - indicates rivers and roads etc.
junior monopoly - take out those litlle houses and vehicles and they'll work wonders as bunkers and landys etc.
toy soldiers - guess!
alternative to toy soldiers - laminated bits of card with 1 section, 2 section etc. on (however toy soldiers are much better for playing with on stag, what what?)
Um as above but with things like 'start line' and 'RV 1' or 'enemy bunker' etc.
Also chalk - drawing on ground/ poncho etc.
Improvise and thats just a basic one, theres alot more you could do but as said; keep it simple
Different coloured ribbon, brown, blue red etc, it doesn't really matter what colours you use as long as you explain the key when you start talking about the ground and how it relates to your plan,

I have pieces of orange dayglow card laminated and a black waterproof marker pen, so that i could write on each piece what i wanted.

I had varioue arrows cut from same dayglow coloured card, these can be used to indicate North, direction of enemy etc.

A spare piece of dayglow card laminated, that could be cut in the field if you found you were missing something.

A couple of monopoly houses

and some chalk, i even used some coins that i had in my pocket.

I found that there was no need to have a massive model kit, like most of the blokes, as you can use anything from twigs, grass etc to form roads and rivers, this meant you didn't have to carry much kit and if you were attacked during orders you could destroy your plan easier.

Hope this helps


Hopefully this hasn't been covered, but all of the above, plus...

Go to a garden centre and get hold of the wee flags that you use to mark flowers and so forth.

About 4-6" high stakes with a rectangle on the top- really useful, as it provides a good 3D indication for a model and draws attention to key points. To go with them, get a series of laminated bits of card so you can stick them on to the stakes and therefore reuse...

The plastic is quite durable, so they can survive the usual pounding...

Best bit in my model kit is lots of 2" x 3" laminated bits of card, some nail varnish remover and a large permanent pen. Stands out and it doesn't take up too much space and can be reused...

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