Orders Lesson?


Can anyone supply me with a lesson plan/power point lesson on Orders Extraction and Delivery? I know I should know it but I don't and I also don't want to look like a co*k in front of the lads I'm giving it to!!!

Thinking Brecon/RMAS instructors?

Another copy for me too mate please
Are you all just jumping on the band wagon after something you a. shouldn't really have, b. don't need?

I have the most recent copy from brecon, anyone who PM's me their armymail account i'll contact via armynet and let you have a copy - free!
Can I have a copy to please?
I dont actually need it, in fact I'm not even serving but I just didn't want to be left out!
This must be a really good lesson, can I have one too pleeeeeezzzzzzzzz???? :lol:
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