Orders Lesson?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by happy_as_a_hat, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Hiya,

    Can anyone supply me with a lesson plan/power point lesson on Orders Extraction and Delivery? I know I should know it but I don't and I also don't want to look like a co*k in front of the lads I'm giving it to!!!

    Thinking Brecon/RMAS instructors?

  2. I've got one on powerpoint, send me your email i'll send it to you.
  3. You are going to regret that stef

    Can I have one please ?
  4. Pain in the ass i know but would really appreciate a copy too. Thx
  5. Like said before, you'll regret that,

    Appreciate one please?
  6. Me too if it's possible
  7. Me too please
  8. Another copy for me too mate please
  9. why not? one for me if possible, thanks very much. www
  10. Are you all just jumping on the band wagon after something you a. shouldn't really have, b. don't need?

    I have the most recent copy from brecon, anyone who PM's me their armymail account i'll contact via armynet and let you have a copy - free!
  11. Can I have a copy to please?
    I dont actually need it, in fact I'm not even serving but I just didn't want to be left out!
  12. This must be a really good lesson, can I have one too pleeeeeezzzzzzzzz???? :lol: