Orders Heading for a Recce Patrol

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Oneshot, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. Dear all,

    I am currently working on a demonstration of autonomous systems and need some info.
    Could anybody PM me the orders headings for a recce patrol. I am going to use it to set a scene of an experiment to make UAV's easier to deploy.

    Cheers for anything you can throw my way.

  2. What type of recce patrol? I can help but there ar several types , Route recce?CTR? .
  3. recce-cpl, I have PM'd you

  4. Why not look in the TAM? It is all there.
  5. Now that would be the clever way of doing things, but it can't be an autonomous system if it has to refer to a TAM :wink:
  6. If it was meant to be taught that way it would be! Dont fight the white, not worth the haslte. I can understand that you want to civ pop it but you dont need to you just change the names about. IE enemy is you competition etc, gorund is the market you wish to control, effects is you stratergy and how you as a company will out flank you competition.
    That should be 2nd nature anyway so let it flow and dont try and publish what should be natural thought process.
  7. Your first question about using a TAM is fair, except i don't have access to one anymore, if you have a spare to hand off then that would be great ;)

    You comment that I've quoted above - Don't quite understand what your getting at. I'm not trying to civ pop, if anything its the otherway round! Are you sure you put it in the right place?