Orders format for Cordon and search?

Hi all, I was just wondering if there was an accepted orders format for Cordon and Search operations. I've managed to jiff myself to give a set on a drill night tomorrow (TA). :D Looking through my TAM there isn't a format suggested, so I was thinking you could treat it as a number of seperate ops: 2x convoys (in and out), 1 x House clearance, and lots x VCP's/roadblocks on the cordon, and use the templates for each of these ops as a basis for each phase.

However, I did wonder, given the amount of this going on at the moment, if there was a DS solution kicking around out there?
Bugger. I realise I have actually committed a major Faux Pas by posting something relating to actualy military work in the Officers Forum. 8O

Carry on discussing dogs in the mess. :D
Cheers chaps. Brandt, you have pm. DPM, I would love to but unfortunately being a lowly STAB in a plt TAC on the arrse end of the west of Wales, my available PAM resources don't run to things like that.:D
You should be able to get it from the electronic battle box (ring your Trg Maj for a copy) or from the Intranet or an RLI connection (again, ring your Trg Maj).


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