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I am after some example sets of orders to get an idea of how long the various headings are, what the content is and get a feel for how it may be delivered. Basically just to get very familiar with the structure so it becomes second nature.

Does anyone have any electronic copies of orders? Any help would be much appreicated.



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Arrsepedia could be your friend : Nirex
Never before have some nondescript word documents provided so much joy! That will be very useful thanks very much. If anyone also has a full set of orders as delivered that I could browse that would also be great.


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Ta much puttees - that is what I meant to put up.
If you have an armynet account: Go to Training> School of Infantry> Infantry Battle School and then download the IBS Battle book on the Right hand menu, it has some examples of good ways of stating various sections of the orders.

Other than that, if you are a serving OCdt in an OTC you can ask you PSI for a small paper, stapled book with a green cover which is the Orders manual for RMAS, printed and issued by RMAS which has fantastic verbatim quotes of "RMAS perfect" orders.

If you are going reg RMAS I assume you would get issued one of them whilst there- certainly happened on TACC.

If you are doing the TACC modules you should get issued one als, during module 2 or at least get to see one.

What is it you need it for, are you going on the CC soon or TACC or one of the modules?

i found that with the Recce patrol orders alot of it was common sense and you could cover the smaller headings on the spot. on a more useful note i was told to develop my own short hand when writing orders as it saves a lot of time when writing under pressure. For example in stead of writing 1 plt just write 1 and draw a circle around it to represent a platoon etc.

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