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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hobit, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I've just received a text message telling me that i'll face AGAI 67 action if i do not attend a Muster Parade tomorrow morning? Is this legal for CSM/Platoon Sgts to text this sort of things to there guys? Has anyone experienced this before?
  2. Yes and Yes.
  3. Sign of the times I suppose... we had beepers back in the 90's.
  4. Why did you give them your mobile number or do you have to :?
    Seems a bit strange but surely there is no way they can confirm you've recieved it or :?
  5. Why would you not want to attend a parade for which your duty requires you?
  6. When we booked in for our course we had to put a contact number down, "its not for fast-balls, its incase your mum dies and we need to get hold of you" they said!!!

    Yeah I was just going to ignore it then some Knobbre phoned the number back and hey presto they said we'd be reported AWOL if we didn't tip up!
  7. Sure it wasn't a buddy playing a joke? Be kinda funny to see a fellow wander up ready for inspection while everyone else is still snoozing.
  8. Definitely not a joke! As i said perviously some knobbre went and double checked with the coy office! So can't just **** it off!!!
  9. Christ on a crutch - how times change :( you have to give your number!!

    Mind - just goes to show how times have changed. Have I just said that twice - what a dick.
    Doesn't that mean your always liable to be dicked for a bonus guard duty when some knobber doesn't turn up :?
  10. If you don't, for whatever reason, own a mobile, would you be issued with one?

    Surely you can't be duty bound to spend your own hard - earned if you do not?
  11. onI shall remember next time they ask for my number to say "sorry sir, I haven't issued me with a mobile yet, but when I am I'll gladly give you the number, sir!"
  12. And how many officers and NCOs out there would believe a troopie saying that was just being a snot? Got my hand raised... :D

    Bad idea... very bad...
  13. It doesn't say anything in the terms and conditions of service about having to provide a mobile phone? As JNCO i understand why the CoC ask for contact details however if you don't own a mobile (which i know at least one tight arrse who doesn't!) then are they going to provide you with one? When the guy with no phone turns up half an hour late for parade can they charge him for being late because they text the rest of his platoon to tell them they had brought the timings forward?

    In these new dark days of JPArrse then surely it can't be to long before they start e-mailing and texting everything to you!!!
  14. Ok, At the end of the day you got a text message to pass down an order! Thats how it is now adays, It certainly saved the BSM/CSM/SSM Etc time sending the duty NCO around to find everyone! Just get on with it and stop feckin whingin you Nugget! I can remember recieving orders over a mobile phone whilst on a move between gun positions during ex and ops. Feckin save dus running to th ecp all day.
  15. Oh, the potential for wind ups is just too huge... ;)