Orders books or TAMs

Discussion in 'Officers' started by hogstable, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Morning all,

    Just looking for a bit of advice on the above. I'm a TA Engr sect cdr and brought up with the CoC that we weren't issued TAMs and that was hindering us.

    The reply from a SNCO was that an orders book is what you want to which I replied with my ex Troopy's approach of 'No you need TAMs with filofax paper in the other side'.

    I can see advantages of both but unless everyone follows the same O's book format there could be problems.

    Over to yourselves


  2. Send your SNCO on a CLM course armed only with his orders book.

    Its TAMS with filofax or "rite in the ran" paper, all the way.
  3. Aha, but the various schools change their minds on a regular basis and you don't know what's in vogue until you arrive on a course!
  4. Which is subject to amendment...

    OP, you can buy rite in the raid paper now, with a bit of creativity you could print TAMs from the Electronic Battle Box and put it in your own 'file of facts'.

    Put in some blank rite in the rain, and an insert from a ammo tin (you know the white plastic ones) for a handy crayoning board.

    You can get A4 size wallets from the stationary store (once you have defeated the Statinary storeman in mortal combat - don't let the name confuse you, they are far from stationary when defending the stationary store) and that makes a good 'map wallet'/paper wallet for those bit of paper you are issued that need to be kept dry.

    Stick it in a A5 Multicam Battle Folder Cover for the ultiamte in 'ally'. (see This tribe linky).
  5. Tell the idiot to get his dark-ages head out of the sand, and order some TAMs. I used to order loads when I was a SPSI without any problems, and I'm sure there is a RE insert to be had also.
    A TAM with waterproof notebook / filofax paper is all you need, none of that archaic double entry nonsense loved by Brecon many moons ago.
    And yes, standardisation is also key.
  6. Let everyday be a school day....


    When something is standing still, it’s stationary. That piece of paper you write a letter on is stationery. Let the “E” in “stationery” remind you of “envelope.”

    Troy, happily spreading trivia for 51 years :)
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  7. I'm also a fan of TAMs with Rite in the rain on the other side. It's what I had to do at RMAS on my 3 week work experience. As long as they are kept upto date you're fine.

    Everyone cutting about with typed up notes in training is where **** ups and bad practice stem from.

    The Engrs part is like rocking horse poo at the moment and has been for a while. Don't know why.
  8. I've just finished a 2 week CT1 exercise as Pl Sgt and PC. I had TAMS and an A5 Orders book with 2 complete sets of Orders, zap numbers, etc in it. Both the TAMS and Orders Book were kept in a pouch on my webbing. Was much easier using the Orders Book than TAMS. I also had the coloured MIST, Contact, 9/10 Liner and Air Support cards.
  9. Is it in the BAEBB?
  10. Thank you for the input gents, part of me thinks that the drama is the being bothered to get hold of the stuff. I will be setting up a Nirex for the Engr stuff I need to know, eg use of WPU (S) for example but I will put the TAMs point of view and will be standing by to be high porting away.

    It is in the Battlebox yes.

    Finally got hold of a set of TAMs and Engr pocket book but will have to hand it back in when someone goes on a course, they want them back in to count or whatever.
  11. TAMS and orders books are two different things and do two different jobs.
    The army dosn't issue orders books so you need a TAM.