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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by merlin162, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Anybody got a printable orders book format? Possibly off to a Sandy place and need to update my old tatty book and get with the 21st century..........
  2. One in TA forum MSR Nirex...
  3. Tip have good and well exercised/rehearsed SOP's take plenty of note paper and use the TAM thats what it is desined for. Don't follow the headings slavishly only use those you need too.
    So long as you know and undertsand the 7 Questions for the Combat Estimate you will be quids in

    Hope this helps and good luck

  4. PM'd you

  5. Cheers for the help guys, Baz we may have a common unit, I was in Minden with the Herforders Milan, left in 1987....... All the fours.
  6. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Seconded - put your orders headings (as issued) on one side of your TAM, and blank water proof paper on the right hand side. It's a good look, stood there with nothing but the TAM, it fits in an ancils pouch on webbing/chest rig, and forces you to do direct extractions from your own received orders, cutting the time to reproduce your own.

    Plus, you only need a pencil (that'll work, no matter the weather).

  7. DPM

    Good call! I forgot to mention that damn I am getting rusty


    Well someone had to come from Hertford I guess :)
    I am from further east myself but ah yes I remember Minden well - good old 5 mark alley :) and those nice green roll necks I/O shirts K.F

    Have a safe trip


    P.S anyone know of a good supplier of TAM sized Waterproof paper? - tkx
  8. Pop into any good commercial printers Baz. They will have it in reems and will also cut it to size and hole punch it for you for free if they are decent enough.
  9. baz44, tams insert in the arrse shop mate

  10. Thanks guys point in the right direction much appreciated