Orders and the ACF syllabus

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by illbeamonkeysoon, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. I have it on very good authority that the orders process has recently been under review by the powers to be as to whether it should exist, or be removed from the ACF/ CCF fieldcraft syllabus. :?

    Another option was to reduce the content of the orders process for cadet activities.

    Does anyone know the outcome of this review, and what do people think to the subject potentially being removed from the ACF/ CCF?

  2. Illbeamonkeysoon, I'm seriously impressed when it comes to your enthusiasm (and perserverence) for writing posts. I haven't heard this rumour - and trust me I would have heard it if it were true.

    The orders process is an absolutely essential part of APC 3-star fieldcraft. By this stage the senior cadet will be expected to command the section as a solo effort - giving order is pretty key to this. I see no reason to change the way it is at the moment - isn't exactly rocket science for a switched on cadet NCO with a couple of years experience under his belt.
  3. Thank you Bumpkin I've just been fed up with thread after thread being all about the OTC.

    The 'very good authority' I mentioned was my Deputy Commandant, and he didn't seem to be rumour creating, I believe it was a genuine conversation.

    I agree that with you that the orders process should be included, but I know a lot of fellow AI's/ officers, especially in my county, think that orders are useless for cadetting purposes. Their argument is the cadets don't enjoy orders (more likely the instructor is incompetent/ unenthused :roll:), and that very few adults are comfortable teaching the subject (hmm adult continuation training post AITC and Frimley- another potential thread) These issues can so easily be resolved, for example how many instructors are guilty of teaching the orders process without letting the cadet section commander attempt the mission he/ she has so carefully planned?
  4. Well, as close as I have my ear to the ground I'm not a Deputy Commandant (give it a year or two). Maybe there is some truth in the story after all. Orders is a very good lesson to teach - trick is to ditch the blackboard and get out on the training area.

    Send X number of sections of four cadets, clutching sketch pads and digital camera, out on a CTR of an 'enemy' position. Plan it so they have something interesting to observe. We did one where the enemy was setting up a landing strip for a light aircraft - we assembled oil drums (cleverly labelled 'aviation fuel') and flare pots on a mock up of a runway. While the cadets are away you clear some ground and produce your collection of string, lollypop sticks, ribbon, toy soldiers and toy vehicles. I also carry laminated cards (playing card size), arrows, and OHP pens for writing on them.

    When cadets get back have a 15 minute model building competition. Select the best one and have the creators explain it. Brainstorm with the cadets how to attack the objective - DOP, PUP, best route in, best route back, obstacles etc. It's then that you put their ideas into the logical orders sequence. Note that the cadets have done nearly all the work.
  5. orders process is integral to Army training and we would be doing the Cadets a disservice by not teaching them it.

    after all many Cadets do go on to join the Armed forces so any preparation is useful.
  6. Grumpy Sgt Majors Eat Small Corporals. Make eye contact, stand up straight, speak clearly, repeat mission twice, any questions?

    That's the basic jist of what I learnt in CCF :)
  7. definately keep the orders process in the syllabus. Exercises just wouldnt be as good without it, cadets wouldnt be allowed to show as much imagination and skill when they reach the higher ranks. If its taught properly and the cadets are given the oppourtunity to practice properly then from my own past experience i thought it was actually pretty fun to put together a good set of orders and see you hard work fit into place.

    an instructor with a lack of enthusiasm can ruin the experience for cadets only too easily
  8. It grips my cam stud when people (deputy comd or not) decide that they think the syllabus needs changing. If it is changed, the manual will be amended. Until then, keep teaching what's in the manual. If you've got any questions, phone CTC Frimley and ask them. Grapevine avoided.
    No change in orders last time i looked at the new manual.
  9. My Deputy Commandant was discussing the orders process with us due to his superiors asking for a concencus about the beneift of orders from a County HQ perspective. It wasn't his own opinion, as far as I know........
  10. im not quite sure, its all starting to confuse me now. i think i may have second thoughts and get a real JOB !!!