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I need some help. I have to give a set of orders on my RE Cadre course this week. Was just wondering what a sensible actions on for a vehicle ambush would be?




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For or against? :wink:
If you're on the receiving end...

Drive through as fast as possible with top cover blazing

any vehicle that is imobilised, crew debus and fire and manouevre out of the killing zone then hopefully get picked up by the remaining vehicles
Same as any other ambush:

GTF ASAP, regroup then decide your next course of action.
Specifics as laid out by Humphrey
This is another of those things that needs so much more work than we pay it in training.

It needs to come into the prep phase.

Carry smoke greanades in the door pockets and drill the blokes extensively before going anywhere. Ensure that the top cover know their arcs and when to be up and down. All need comms. If you have belt fed wpns, get them up on TC. If you have soft skin vehicles, you'll end up shooting through the windows, so goggles are good thing. The commander needs to know to cant his weapon to the left so that his empty cases don't go into the drivers face.

make sure that you report your progress where poss using nick no's or spots.

You need separate actions on IED and on ambush.

Do you have high value stuff that you cannot leave behind?

Do you have any armoured stuff (snatch?) - if so consider using it to shield an injured vehicle and evacuate people.

If you are going to leave vehicles then make sure you deny wpns, ECM and comms to the enemy.

Above all - it depends on the ground. A chestnut to be sure, but there is a massive differnce between Area A on SENTA and a raised highway in the desert.

Above all rehearse.
Agree with SO3Paperclips as with any ambush know your drills, use brute agression and rehearse and rehearse again - its the instant reaction that will save your life nothing else. Follow his advice and you will not go far wrong.
We made the mistake of not including outside attachments in our training/ rehersals and in one such incident our RLC driver asked 'shall I stop' - my reply was 'stop and I will f*cking shoot you, keep your foot down!'.
A major debriefig point and lesson learnt the hard way.

Agree that prep will help save lives here, another thing to add to the list: Get hold of some TRAINING smoke grenades as well as the usual RP, and have these taped to the sides of the wagons, if you're in TCVs then the flaps will be rolled up and there should be training smokes tied to the vertical poles in the back. Ditch the seats in the back and have the troops sat on their bergans. If a vehicle is immobilised and you have to debus, blokes pull the pins to try and obscure them as they jump off the side.
Apologies if it sounds like teaching to suck eggs but i also firmly belive that the key is in prep.
Agree with Dutybooty. Practise and rehearse,Practise and Rehearse. Have just come back from Pre-deployment training,Helped train TA and Reservists for there up and comming deployment to the dead zone. With regards to amdush you can train from dusk til dawn, but nothing will prepare you for the real deal. Just instinct and the will to survive will hopefully kick in. Remember to get the F##k away from the "Killing Zone"

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