Orderly Sgt

Bone question I know but do any units have C95 as order of dress for ordely sgt? Is yes then do they wear the sash?

Several pints are riding on the answer(s)
They wear 95 at our place (NI) but I dont think they wear a sash however provs got one and I have seen one worn in other units
At 1 RSME you are supposed wear the sash as Orderly Sgt. It is in Orders For The Regimental Orderly Sgt. I only wear the sash in the cookhouse if I'm on duty though.
Should make the feckers wear No2 or No1 dress as well thats what we did in my day (now where did I put my lamp and zimmer frame?) :)

P.S Only because we had a very crusty RSM at the time right stickler he was!
Actually sorry guys have to say sash and CS95 does look very cadetish
But guess its that or No2's and shite catch 22 really.

Home of the Petroleum Operator..CS 95 and slippers. No sash!
Sash and Combats....... this is a joke, right??
16 Sigs Had a sash and a w*nk looking cane when I was there early 00's. Dont know if they still do though.

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