Orderly Sgt (Miss Blandford)! Royal School of Signals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Doogonk, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. My first post .... and in true Military fashion i thought i'd start with a whinge!

    Currently serving at the RSS in sunny Blandford, i never fail to be amazed at just how far standards seem to have dropped at the home of the Royal Corps (springs to attention.... banging knee on desk and spilling cocoa)! A topic i could rant on about for numerous hours i will, however, cut to the chase....

    It seems incredulous to expect the Orderly Sergeant to cut about instilling fear and discipline into young soldiers when said Sergeant is required to wear a Blue sash that.... in all honesty.... gives the smartest SNCO the appearance of a dishevelled twat!!!! I hope to God they don't inspect the Guard or ROP's wearing that piece of tatty material.

    If any soldier under my Command had (in the past) turned up on any parade wearing a piece of uniform that was faded, missing the Corps Badge, torn, frayed and generally falling apart.... he would have been beaten all the way to the Guardroom with the soggy ends of both torn off arms!

    I've seen these things advertised on the inter-porn for approx £30 including Corps Badge! Can somebody please see fit to purchase one? If we must make the Orderly Sergeant where a sash it would be nice if it didn't turn him into a laughing stock for the day.
  2. I'd comment if I knew what you were dribbling on about?
  3. Why here? Why not pop along and see the Badge and get him to sort it?
  4. Go easy chaps.... it is me first post after all! Snuffle.

    Prince Albert, if you don't know what i'm dribbling on about.... why comment at all? Looks like a bit of stat padding to me!

    Minnesota Viking, fair comment bud. But you would have thought that as this thing has been steadily falling apart for the past two years that it would have been sorted by now. I'm going for the guilt and shame thing, lol.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Yeah, I remember when SNCO's would take the initiative to sort things out rather than bleat to people who have nothing to do with the problem......
  6. Yup, that's it....one more post.....yippeeee :roll:

    Or, perhaps you could make your point clear?
  7. Your quite right Alsacien! I remember those times too. I'm not in the green skin anymore but lets hope somebody currently serving grasps the initiative eh! :twisted:
  8. So you have been negligent in your duty for two years as you have watched it unravel. Shame on you. Man up and have a word with someone.
  9. Buy one and present it to the said nominee?
  10. Send your orderly person to New Mons Barracks, Aldershot, for the day.

    He'll learn quickly.
  11. Why don't you suggest at a mess meeting that you think it's about time to purchase a new one? Get it seconded, and get the mess to fork out for it?
  12. Why? The Grens aren't moving till next year, and we're not going to Mons.

    I'm not RSigs but I've seen the offending sash whilst i was on a course, it didn't seem to bother the badge 4 years ago.

    But if you care so much tell someone
  13. I would suggest it at a Mess Meeting but would probably be de-bagged, babooned to within an inch of my life and have me dangly bits fed into the bacon slicer!!!!!! As i've already pointed out, i'm not a Green skin anymore! That said.... nobody in authority seems to have noticed the crappy sash so i would probably get away with it! Cockburn's all round everybody, Hic!
  14. So....you're not in green anymore?? Why are you bleating on about it then?