Ordering Burgers from Bangladesh

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rocketeer, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. okay.. this has 'ridiculous' written all over it. Is it really that important that ' fast food' be delivered in 90 seconds over 125 seconds? Is the world that desperate for ' quick service' from their crap food emporium?

    Seems that Wendy's [ the world's 3rd largest burger shiller - bucking for the number 2 spot with this, obviously ] is ' experimenting with 'offshore' drive through response..

    Instead of you pulling the auto up to the speaker clown and garbling your order to the, multi-tasking, high school drop out, ' assistant fry manager ', with the headset, inside, your order will be ' taken ' by someone in a ' remote call centre' possibly thousands of miles away and then 'relayed electronically ' back to your friendly neighbourhood outlet in time for you to pick it up at the drive out window..

    geez, they pay the kids who work there a pittance anyway - minimum wage helps to build character, etc.. now they're going to ' create efficiencies' by paying third world slave labour salaries to ' Bill ' in Bangladesh to mess up your oinion ring order with the next guy who wanted fries...

    one more step to the collapse of civilization as we know it IMHO
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    [Ain't half hot Mum Accent ]

    Will you be wanting chapaties with that Sahib??

    Oh no no deary me, I meant fries, so very very sorry.

    [/Ain't half hot Mum Accent ]
  3. when they figure out that the main customers who visit drive in's are "who wants a burger" spur of the monents's, then they will not get away from the conversation i usually have...

    "Yes. hi there.. i'll have a big mac meal... big mac.. fcuking BIG MAC MEAL.. what.. yes, large... what... sauce for what???? WHAT??? i dunno, do what you want... and a..... you there??? YOU STILL THERE??? hello, what, sorry, didn't get that, what??? BIG FCUCKING MAC MEAL. Yes thats it. No wait... and nuggets.. Chicken Nuggets (do they do other nuggets?? beef?? pork??? Fish??) What was that??? WHAT. WAS. THAT??? drink, i dunno??? coke, WHAT... pepsi, i don't care if it's pepsi, coke or rola cola, i just want a bloody drink.

    and so on.

    Oh fun and games.
  4. Anyone who buys sh1tty fast food from a"drive-thru", deserves poor service, morbid obesity and intellectually challenged offspring.
  5. I enjoy the first, and am looking forward to the last two.
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    Nehustan On ROPs

    [align=center]There are reports of a misunderstanding on this matter in Afganistan...