Ordered to Attend & Med in Confidence

I have a question for the floor!! may have been done before but am too lazy to dig around!!!

Can someone in the Military be ordered to attend a Doctor Appointment initiated by the Med Centre itself not the Unit!! Also can a Doctor claim Medical In confidence with the individual if asked where the information that inititaed the situation, came from!! as from the point of the individual, who had no idea why he was told to attend the Dr!! He was just told that "it was for his own good" and not told where the Doc got his info!!! sounds dodgy to me!! but hey!! i'm no medic!!! As far as i am aware you cannot be "ordered" to attend unless a danger to life is apparent!!!!

any views on this would be appreiciated!!!

If it was a military doctor and he outranked the soldier in question, then of course he can order said soldier to parade at the med centre.

"Pte bloggs?, this is Major Smythe, the MO....get your feet in my in-tray young man"

"Right away, Sir"

you know, that sort of thing :D
This Guy is a Civvie!! and it came via Chain of Command!! "CO, Pte Bloggs is to attend the med centre at 0800hrs!!!" etc!! This is not a formed Unit as such, a Garrison Med Centre to a CO within it's domain!!!!
He MAY have recieved information that you MAY have been in contact with someone/something that maybe contagious and wants to give you a treatment for it.

Have you been to the doctor and had tests done? If so, he MAY have only recieved the results.

The only way you will find out is following the ORDER and turn up.
If it's on orders or someone in your chain of command has told you to attend a location at a time then it is a parade and you must turn up. If you phoned up and the Medical Centre wouldn't tell you ove.r the phone why you need to attend then that is good confidentiality as you could have been anybody phoning up pretending to be you
Is this genuine? If CO orders a soldier to see the Doc then thats that - conversation over.

If it is a civilian then the CO would not order that person to do anything.

So from your original post - if CO says get your ass to the Med Centre ...you do it!

There are too many whiners in this world who would like to upset the applecart, CO says go, you go!!!!

This is the British Army, not the royal antarctic volunteer auxillery polar bear study group army....sheesh!!
The issue was that the Med Centre TOLD the CO that this individual had an appointment, it was'nt made by the individual or the unit, the CO had no reason to... this individual has had no issues (that he told me about, i grant you) and had just been posted in to the area. Before you go down the line of receipt of med docs n such...The Med Centre did not have his docs yet!! The CO was fobbed off with "Med in Confidence" when he asked why he needed to attend, and the individual was given no explaination as to where info had come from!!! he belives that it is his ex (who is a medic and works in the area) who is trying to cause him grief!! by calling his mental health into question!! What i need to know is can the Dr keep the source of any info from the patient???

So this is not just a matter of obeying orders!!!
Go to the appointment, have an adult discussion with the MO and get to the bottom of it.

Could be as simple as some sort of admin faff

Could be a infectious contact report, your ex has just found out that the 250 man gang bang with one armed locals in Freetown has left her with bads aids and wants to share the love with you

LOL sounds like your mate is already a bit neurotic with the ex girlfriend thing so.....maybe you need a brain check

Don't get overwelmed with the medical in confidence bit, CO is being nosey, probably asked if it was anything to worry about and got palmed off with MiC

when I worked in a sickbay, I forwarded a chit to attend sick bay to a seaking observer to turn to for a jab so I could get her number, that was a duty attend, got a bag off, but she had a smelly fanny

report back with details
I think the MO has spotted a severe case of "Overuseofpunctuation-itus!!!!????", and they're not trying to be alarmist as they don't want to be seen to cause an epidemic.

(Just follow the order and all will be revealed, stop jumping to conclusions and being so paranoid - this is the Army).

Sorry - all of the above applies to "the individual", who obviously isn't you. Obviously.
Well, thats it...the lad did attend the appointment and the Dr constantly avoided the issue of where the info came from that initiated the situation. The appointment was very much centered around his mental health!! (which was okay....allegedly!!) However he still came away from it completly mystified why he was there!!! Now his CO is away til next week, but has already gone off on one about how this came about and will start digging into it next week!! so someone is in for a hard time!!! i just wondered whether the Dr can keep the info from the patient it concerns!!!!
I would be very surprised if a GP acted in this way upon an unsubstantiated report from anyone, unless there was some suggestion of either self harm or the possibility that someone else may be harmed.

If the individual concerned feels that this has resulted from some sort of malicious action by his ex he could make a Subject Access Request under s.7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 for his med docs and any other relevant paperwork (the request can be very specific). This can be done by a simple letter, but JSP400 gives details of the official way which is actually easier, and goes to a central point, obviating local interference. It may be that the MO chooses to redact certain details, but he can only do this in certain circumstances and must be prepared to justify his action. Once he has the docs, he can seek advice as to what to do next if he feels that he has either been prejudiced or suffered any other harm.


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Yes you can be ordered to attend an appointment.
In fact I've known folk who have been held in Guardroom for missing an Officer's parade as a medical/Dental Appointment can be called if posted on Orders that Private X will attend at time xxxx to see Captain Z. But it had to be posted in Orders.
Used to get DCA/DSS to take list of appointments to Company Clarks so the times and dates could be posted on orders, it saved a lot of folk not turning up either because they forgot or didn't want to come to dentist.
As for access to records, as mentioned previously, you have a right to see your records under the DPA and the right to a copy of them if applied for for in the correct manner. there is also a time scale within which they must be delivered.
Guidance here.
How do I access my health records?

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