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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by OldTimer, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. On the day that the bodies of five real soldiers are returned to the UK what are the Royals doing ?
    Why , making William a Knight of the Garter .
    Nice to know where their priorities are .
    So many on here seem to think the sun shines out of Lizzies arse , now defend todays actions.
  2. What's to defend? Do they normally roll up for when bodies are repatriated, as you seem to be trying to imply that this time they've simply bunked off to do something else? I doubt it. An equally valid question might be what are the Secretary of State for Defence or Minister of State for the Armed Forces doing?

    As it is you just seem to come across as someone that's got an axe to grind, I'm guessing you're a Republican from the tone of your post. Whilst I don't think that 'the sun shines out of Lizzies arse' as you so quaintly put it the Royal Family do on average seem to take more interest in the armed forces than many of the members of the government.

    Edit: Now I've always thought that with a Secretary of State, two Ministers of State and a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the MoD and the infrequency of repatriations of members of the armed forces killed in action that they could juggle things between themselves so that one of them was there to see the plane in but that's another matter.
  3. You really think that this was decided today, or that the world should stop working for 24 hours just because 5 soldiers were repatriated today?

    Life must go on.

  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You might be better off asking why the flight home for the Paras coincided with Cyclops making an announcement in The Commons about the expansion of our AFG commitment.

    Someone definitely cocked up there!
  5. Sorry, OT, but that's simply unreasonable.

    The Garter Ceremony takes place on the same Monday in June every year. It has done so since, IIRC, 1348. Therefore, it would've been on the list of engagements months before the tragic losses that occurred last week. It's not as though they've decided at the last minute to * off and do something else instead.

    As Brick says, a more salient question might be why did Gordon and George W didn't turn up. Would have demonstrated that Gordon actually means what he says about respect for the armed forces wouldn't it? There's more than enough evidence out there that the royals give a * about the armed forces, but Gordon...?
  6. You seem to be looking for something that's not actually there.

    The ceremony for Wills will have been pencilled in yonks ago, it's hardly likely that they had a contingency plan just in case some comrades lose their lives. So they just carried on with Plan A.

    I suppose you could argue that they were remiss here, but give credit where credit's due, the Royals have supported the Armed Forces in exemplary fashion since whenever. ALL of them have visited the wounded comrades at one time or another, and Phony Tony and Brown the Clown (who sent the lads there in the first place) have visited how many times?

    Now, I really am a Republican and far be it from me to defend the monarchy, but there's no way you can fault the behaviour of ANY of the Royals vis-a-vis the Armed Forces. Even as a practicing Irishman, I have the utmost admiration for them all individually and for what they represent to Toms, the Andrew and the Crabs. They, at least have the genuine respect of the British Armed Forces. That's why you'll see nary a word against them on any British Military websites (apart from from you, or course).

    Just my two-penn'orth.

  7. Only practising Bugsy? I'd have thought you were a professional Irishman by now - what is there to master?

    Back to the topic though: HM and her family go out of their way to have time in private with the bereaved within their schedules, which is exactly as it should be. And I'll bet there's a shudder - for all the right reasons - goes through each and every one of them when news comes back from TELIC/HERRICK or any other op of another UK or Commonwealth fatality. None of this phony "SoS said.." on the MoD intranet site, when all he's about is political bottom covering for his part-time job (and Zanu Neue Liarbour as a collective (w)hole).

    Requiescant in pace all those who've gone before.
  8. From BBC News

    How soon? Within a year?
  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    It is routine to make the heir to the throne a KG.
    Pretty soon I would think he will be awarded the Scottish equivalent,the Knight of the Thistle(KT).
    I believe the ceremony was also to award the order to two commoners so it must have been arranged well in advance.
    Am I right in stating this is yearly ceremony?
    In any case I do not believe this is a case of 'priorities',the Royal family would never insult HM Forces so no need for any defence.
    RIP the boys from 2 Para.
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    When and as vacancies occur.
  11. As posted some time ago, the custom of making a former Prime Minister a Knight of the Garter (KG) offers the horror of the repellent Bliar parading and grinning about during the annual ceremony of the Order.

    In addition it would mean that the awful Mrs Bliar would become 'Lady' Bliar - the nearest she would ever come to being a real lady.

    As Bliar was so enamoured of the Scots why should he not be made a Knight of the Thistle (KT)? A real Scotsman who was prime minister was made a KT and not KG - Alec Douglas-Home.

    As for 'Stalin' maybe he will refuse any honour in the same manner he refused to dress properly for formal occasions when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  12. As a small aside, did anyone else notice that when the Great Leader had his press conference with Bush, he referred to the "2nd Battalion the Paratroop Regiment". The ARRSE can't even get that right!
  13. Yes,it is good to see the vacant (bye-bye Ted) Garter going to HRH, rather than HRToniness! What a cheering thought...

  14. I dont think he even got it that right mate - Im sure it was "the 2nd Paratroop Regiment" that came spewing out of his mouth...............

    Saying that I may be wrong, as I was far too busy at the time trying to kick the living crap out of the tv whilst being restrained by Mrs Spenny.

    That cnut is an embarassment to Scotland and Britain.
  15. feck off