Order of events for mess dinner.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by The_IRON, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and gents Ive been to that many dinner nights but unfortunately with having a love of the taste of the odd port or two I can be very forgetful. Im going to be sorting a dinner night in a few months having a few of the old boys from an association as guests with all ranks from my place of work. I just wondered if anyone had a timetable plan of events throughout the night ie. from initial grace, through the food, toasts, speeches etc. I have enough ideas of the order it should go but would appreciate it if anyone has the correct format. I have another dinner night in the mess coming up but cannot guarantee if Ill be in the right state to remember it all in the right order. I do know that it starts off with grace.......... then finishes on the Monday morning when I hand in the bottles of port to the RSM I was fined.

    Appreciate any help

    Cheers THE_IRON
  2. Good luck Iron.

    It doesn't matter how well you plan it, you will never please everyone! All your efforts go un-noticed and you seldom get any thanks, only complaints.

    But hey, it's good for your CR!
  3. Most of the dinners that i've been to are normally in the following order:
    1. Grace
    2. Starter
    3. Main
    4. Sweet
    5. Comfort break (tables cleared, cheese & port put out)
    6. Loyal toast (& ladies toast if required)
    7. Coffee & mints
    8. Presiding member's speach (thanks to staff, etc)
    9. Leaving speach
    10. Top table retire to bar (Mr Vice entertains)
    11. Remainder retire to bar
    12. Tables cleared
  4. Cheers for replies, I have managed to get out an full lay out that I can ammend to suit the occassion I am planning. Since my post I have stayed semi coherant at a dine out and took some notes of the evening so Im pretty much sorted now. Regarding my CR mentalist, My last one that matters has just been written so too late for it to do any good unless I get V-Eng so Im trying to bolster a few of the senior full screws up with their CR's with a bit of advice from myself (god help them :roll: ). I was lucky as a L/cpl and Cpl to of attended lots of Regimental dinners before hitting the Sergeants mess but some of the full screws I know have never been to one and have served well over 12-13 years, thats why were doing this for all ranks to show them what its like. :? sad state of affairs but realise everyones busy.
  5. Earn yourself a lie in on the Monday by giving RSM the port on the morning of the dinner.
  6. Have you checked your mess rules. A few units I have been attached to give quite specific guidelines for formal functions. Format for the night, be in bar 15 mins before, do say god bless her after the toast ect.

    Most people only give them a quick look to find bar timings and dress regs.
  7. Cheers mate got a good set now i can use but can change to adapt to what i need as im going to do it for all ranks to giv the younger lads an idea of what to expect. Ive got to get on the top table at least once before I leave :wink:

    Im quite pleased with myself my most recent mess dinner i totally shocked myself when i didnt have to visit th RSM on Monday. Hence a half empty bottle of port on my coffee table at the mo.
  8. do say god bless her after the toast ect.

    I think NOT.....only if you want to be on duty till your eyes bleed...
  9. ... and don't forget the corgi's!
  10. Seriously though - check with the Office of your Regimental Colonel/Adjutant/Sergeant Major to see if your Regiment has any historical perculararity over and above the general standrad dinner format outlined by blue-nose.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Spot on e-e. If HMTQ needs to be blessed then that will be done by the Padre

    How Chav can one get?
  12. ...and it's best to avoid saying "and half the Pension" in response to "The Ladies" (again). :eye:
  13. What sort of girl guides unit has 'comfort breaks' for god sake!

    And Mr Vice stays seated at the table passing the port around til EVERYONE else has left to the bar!
  14. Space invader of pink shrimp?

    Dessert if you're a Euro homme, pudding if you're proper English.
  15. Youve got to have comfort breaks now as its frowned upon to p*ss in the gravy boat and empty wine bottles in my current mess anyway. Many years ago when I was in the Cpl's mess I had a nasty experience when after about four hours and no breaks I p*ssed into a gravy boat and filled an empty bottle under the table, somebody accidently kicked it over and it was like a domino affect knocking other bottles of urine over. It was like a tidlewave lots of soggy and smelly feet and a dozen of us buying enough port for a year.
    The all ranks dinner Im going to organise is planned to be more sophisticated and is stag, however the best laid plans dont always turn out like that :roll: .