order of dress in the mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by essexbob, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. I have a bet on that the preferred order of dress for formal dinners is:

    Mess Dress
    Dinner Jacket
    Ginger suit

    My opponent says that ginger suit comes after Mess Dress

    beer tokens resting on your comments chaps
  2. In the Messes I have served it has been:

    Mess Dress
    Ginger Drinking Tracksuit

    or for a lack of either volunteer for duty!
  3. I give it another 10 years, then it'll be jeans and T shirt, footwear optional.

    Whatever happened to standards???
  4. Mess Dress

    Ginger Suit

    Combats & Sash (surrounded by a guardroom)

    Edited to add: I wouldn't even entertain the option of dinner suits......you'll never get the feckers in mess kit again.....
  5. Our Badge has just authorised 2 new Mess Members to wear DJ's at a dinner night - they have only been Sgts 4 months !! - I am sure that is long enough to buy said drinking tracksuit :roll:
  6. Well said and fully agree!
  7. Where's their incentive to get Mess Kit?

    You only have to do one Dinner Night in 2's to realise that Mess Kit is the preferred option.
  8. Hadnt worn my mess dress for nearly 3 years because of recruiting post last but already worn it six times in last six months at new post. Want to get as much use out of it in my last three years. Agree with rather the mess dress than 2's you can get the stains out the trousers easier.
  9. Your badge (and the 2 individuals) need their arrses kicking mate (particularly your badge though).

    Seeing as the time between being selected and actually wearing it would probably extend this 4 months by anywhere between 1 and 8 months on average they have had ample time??

    You could also argue that it didn't come as a complete shock to them and that their CR, time served and "gut feeling" should have been sufficient combat indicators for them to at least start trawling ebay or military tailors for quotes in the run up to the board.

    I bought mine the day I came of the Sgts' board :D used to wear it to nail the wife in front of the mirror (Sharpe Fetishes and all that :wink: ).
  10. Maintain standards, self-respect and a bit of pride. Always very well worth the moderate cost and effort.
  11. "No Mess Dress?"

    "You'll be wearing No2 Dress then"

    This tends to speed up the purchase of mess dress.
  12. What's a ginger suit?
  13. :oops:
  14. Was worth a try!!!!