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Serious question - What order are you supposed to wear your non op-tour medals on your no.2's (if your still issued them). I'm on a RAF camp and the (civvy) tailor always seems to cock it  up. The medals in question are :
I'm pretty sure thats the right order but our tailor has changed it round on 2-3 different blokes uniforms.


I thought it was ACSM-QGJM-LSGC- could be wrong! Give Gouldings aring or the Garrison Sgt Major London District!
Are they really worth putting on..........a puffy selection if ever I heard one ;D
I didn't think anyone hung around long enough to be awarded the LSGC any more!
i have been doing medal mounting for a while now so should know which order they go in...well at lest i have had no come backs yet !

if you were to have  LSGC, ACSM, QGJM the order will be

any more questions ref medals fire away and i should know what you need to know.
so as you can put the civi tailors straight....

long and meritorious service medals are worn to the end of awarded medals, LSGC being the ferthist most, then if you have ACSM, it is placed second from end.

coronation and jubilee medals are placed after UN/NATO/CAMPAIGN MEDALS but befor long and meritorious service medals.

orders of chivalry MBE / OBE are to be the first medal in the row.

if you have a VC / GC then these willbe the first in line followed by MBE / OBE ETC......

this may be boring shit to most but there are a lot of tailers who dont get it right.
Cheers very much.  ;D
are there any persons not sure if they have there medals in the correct order ?  :-/

ive had a few people have there british campaign medals all at the front no mater what order they ernt them ............. ???

in the belief that a queen`s ( headed ) medal is seniour to all others !!!

is there any one else being told this rubish ???   ???

Zemtex - yeah I've heard of it, but think that campaign medals are worn in the order they were earnt. Lets be honest the NATO/UN medals are like the chocolate coins you get at Xmas, so I can understand the thinking behind it - but its wrong.
The "AIR OPERATIONS IRAQ" clasp is awarded for participation in the air operations over Iraq from "19 sept 1997" until a date to be specified.

There is also a "NORTHEN IRAQ & SOUTHERN TURKEY" clasp, this is a separet clasp to the "AIR OPS IRAQ"
this has a diffrent criteriar and is mainly given to ground troops (army) but also RAF.  :-/

hope this helps in any way ?
what is your query refrence the clasp ?
STOP PRESS!!!!!!!   :-/

i gave some wrong info there......

"AIR OPS IRAQ" dates from ; 16 July 1991 to a date to be agreed.

"N.IRAQ & S.TURKEY" dates from ;  April 1991 to a date to be agreed.

:p yes there would be a GSM involved, accum medal is awarded for 36 months accumalated service in operations ( mainly being ireland ) not un & nato blah blah blah.........

the questions that were asked were what order do the medals go if you have "ASM, QGJM, LSGC"
these are the last in line on a row of medals so there for the order will be "QGJM, ASM, LSGC"
all other medals go before.   ;)    


Apparantly a scandal brews in Catterick after a RQMS was exposed for wearing more medals than he was entitiled too!!...........

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