Orde wants to de-commision PSNI protection weapons.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Orde's gunning for personal weapons

    Alan Murray
    09 April 2006

    CHIEF Constable Sir Hugh Orde has launched a bid to "decommission" hundreds of legally-held guns across Northern Ireland.

    Ex-RUC officers, current and former civilian PSNI employees and even judges are being asked to seriously consider whether they still need a gun for personal protection.

    And under new guidelines holders of PPWs will have to show they are still under a specific threat before being allowed to retain their weapon.

    Several hundred holders of firearms certificates received letters from the PSNI's Firearms and Explosives Branch last month, telling them of a new policy towards the possession of guns 'on-loan' from the force.

    It says that a new policy directive was approved by chief officers in December to overhaul the process of renewing firearms certificates.

    Under the directive members of the public who have 'on-loan' weapons will have to show 'good reason' for possessing a PPW under the 2004 Firearms (NI) Order.

    The letter says ex-police officers were granted firearms certificates under the 1981 Firearms Order on the basis of a general threat to all members of the RUC, which "established your good reason for possessing a PPW".

    But now ex-cops will have to prove they are still facing a "verifiable specific threat".

    But former Police Federation Chairman Jimmy Spratt said he questioned the "decommissioning" policy and didn't understand the logic.

    "I left the police service in March 2002 without a weapon for personal protection," he said.

    "But within months I was advised to obtain one, as a result of a security review of my circumstances after republicans were spotted near my home. What should I do?"

    Mr Spratt added: "What I really think is behind this is an attempt to airbrush the RUC and former members of the force from any link or contact with the PSNI."

    One former RUC officer who received a letter said he was concerned that the move would leave him vulnerable to attack.

    In a statement to Sunday Life the PSNI said that, so far, 753 people who had weapons on loan from the service had received the letters.

    "As people have distanced themselves from the job that they previously held that warranted the need for a PPW it was deemed appropriate to have a mechanism in place to review the need for a PPW.

    "There are a total of 867 people who hold weapons on loan from the PSNI. This includes PSNI civilian workers, members of the judiciary and others, as well as ex-members of the police service," the police statement said.

    Looks like Jerry's & Martins getting their way....again!!!
  2. Interesting to see if the mortailty rate amongst ex-RUC, prison staff, judiciary, etc, goes up as a result....

    This proposal comes under the heading of a 'Bad Move'! The uncertainty factor keeps the Boyos in line.

    Concealed carry laws in the US have been proven to reduce crime, despite all the worst predictions of the anti-gun crowd. I'd rather not see that data reinforced with the deaths of ex-officers as a result of this idiocy.
  3. Just wait until the first membe rof the SF get killed with only his rapier like wit to protect them instead of a PPW andd a very high powered law suit is launched against Orde for something like corporate manslaughter. Smile then a**hole! Not funny when you have BG's to protect you!
    The little guy always gets shafted.....as usual :x :x

    Nothing changes. :(

  4. It would also be interesting to see data about the number of crimes committed with these weapons, as the anti-gun lobby spent so much time telling us all handguns needed removing to cut gun crime.

    I think we all know the answer, and have seen the total lack of correlation.
  5. Good point, what also would be good to know was when they were last used? How often etc. Even if they are used rarely the threat still exists.

    I don't know whats wrong with the RUC these days, the IRA and the likes are still blatently committing murders and robberys right left and centre, is everyone really that blind, the threat is not gone its just changed.

    I bet Adams and that McGuinnes tw*t have a few pieces at home!
  6. "I don't know whats wrong with the RUC these days"

    Easy answer, They don't exist .....You heard of PSNI ?
  7. Just on Gerry and Martin.
    I wonder if their minders who are issued PSNI PPW's were part of the 753 letters sent out?
    No need to worry about former colleagues and any safety implications as any attacks would be dealt with as non terrorist related.

    "They haven't gone away you know"
  8. In the words of the Continuity RUC "We havent gone away you know"!!!
  9. Hmm.. "Good Reason" is a much-hated clause in the US for firearms licensing. Usually comes down to 'Who do you know?'

    I wonder why they came up with this new idea? Have they decided that the people they've trusted to behave properly with firearms are all of a sudden untrustworthy?

  10. Just to put the cat among the pigeons type stance,

    How many CQA`s have been attempted in the last 5 years and of those how many were succesful and how many victims were actually in a position to draw their PPW in defence?

    I know the deterrent argument but "normalisation" has to cause a certain amount penalties due to change on all sides?

    Whats the alternative?
  11. I assume that as part of this imaginative little proposal Hugh Orde will dispense of his bullet-proof car, his armed escort and his personal-protection officer ?.............I think not !
  12. So will big Ian have to aswell.!!
  13. Sorry, but I agree with some of the above statements. When your man Orde starts cutting about sans bullet proof car and body guard then he can disarm the old boys from the RUC and simlar people.

    Lead from the front and all that. (Gerry can sack all his protection too).
  14. "As people have distanced themselves from the job that they previously held that warranted the need for a PPW it was deemed appropriate to have a mechanism in place to review the need for a PPW."

    Perhaps the 73 year old retired policeman that Martin McCaughey and Dessie Grew were planning to murder on the night they were themselves ambushed would have something different to say about that. An ex RUC man is a legitimate target to these scumbags, however long ago he served.