Orde under pressure on cop ambush linked to Adams dabs

I have to agree. They won't go after Gerry Adams, although they should. Damn criminal...
Sven said:
Would a private prosecution succeed if the government prove gutless??
How much would it cost to bring a private prosecution?
Death_Rowums said:
Sven said:
Would a private prosecution succeed if the government prove gutless??
How much would it cost to bring a private prosecution?

I confess that I have no idea - however Steven Lawrences parents initiated one didn't they so it cannot be beyond the reach of ordinary people
Don't want to piss on anyones parade, but the man caould stand in front of the telly cameras tomorrow morning and state that he pulled the trigger quite secure in the knowledge that he will never be prosecuted.

The same would be true if Labour were ousted from power today... Nobody, is going to upset the NI applecart, for any reason.
Private prosecutions almost never work: the CPS has the power to take over any prosecution (with no grounds for appeal or review). It does this and then promptly drops the trial.

Why does it do this?

Because if it allows a private prosecution to go ahead, and it is successful, then questions will be asked about why the CPS didn't lead the prosecution in the first instance. So they kill all private prosecutions simply to protect their own arrse.
Reality check here, I have no doubt that Gerry is a murdering toe-rag and in all probability was involved in the murders but at the end of the day a fingerprint on or in a car is not necessarily proof of involvement in a crime. After all,I can be walking down the street and for one reason or another lay my hand on a parked car. If this car is subsequently involved in a crime and my prints are found on it I may be a suspect for a while but it's easily discounted. To prove that he was actually involved in the murders would require a great deal more evidence than this, especially after all this time. The same applies to DNA, it's only proof that a particular person at some point left a trace at a crime scene, it's not proof in itself that they committed the crime in all cases. I say all this because I know the conspiracy theorists will have a field day when eventually the Police decide that there is insufficient evidence for a prosecution ! :wink:
Even if succesful dosent he get let off due to the good friday agreement ?
there aint no justice, but surely the troubles were all ways going to end in the sort of fudge we have now?
lots of criminals on boths sides have got away wit alot due to the agreement thats the cost of it - no british soldiers have been killed in years whats the point in prosecuting adams now no matter how bitter or angry you may be this is the best way forward that i can see (my humble opinion - feel free to argue against it - i am always open to the other side of the argument)

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