Orde to head Kent robbery review

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Northern Ireland's police chief is to carry out a review of the investigation into Britain's biggest cash robbery.
    Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde is to lead a team of PSNI officers to examine how the inquiry into the £53m robbery at a Securitas depot is being handled.

    Now correct me if Im wrong, But I think the Kent Constabulary have caught more bad boys regarding this heist than the PSNI did during the investigation into the Northern Bank raid. I think they need Michael Fuller Cheif Constable of Kent to examine the inquiry into the Northern Bank Raid, not Mr Orde poking he's nose into Fullers Investigation.
  2. There seem to be a lot of police to spare to investigate this robbery - yet they are always bleating about a shortage of resources
  3. RABC. Now that those evil, racist golliwogs have removed, tagged and bagged from that shop-window, I'm sure there's 20 or so spare coppers to carry out the bank robbery inquiry (less, obviously, those who now are on long-term sick as a result of the trauma they suffered whilst removing said gollies).
  4. The golliwogs have been released on bail. The CPS are pretty sure they can secure a conviction though
  5. I have taken on the legal case of the Golliwogs. I shall see the CPS in Court at Starsbourg!!!

    India-Juliet QC.
  6. Normal SOPs for any major investigation. After a certain period of time they will call in another force to review the state of the investigation and provide any advice required.
  7. A quick investigation and off to advertise blinds on the telly. That'll teach Stalker to stick his nose in where it wasn't wanted.
  8. Ditto - new set of eyes overlooking the crossword puzzle.
  9. Dont forget that an outside Chief Constable is also usually invited to take over an enquiry if there is the slightest bit of suggestion that there was police collusion ............oh my, shudder the tought !
  10. So what Force has overlooked the PSNI investigation to the Northern Bank?? Send in good old Sir John Stevens.
  11. I'll think he'll be busy with the footie.