Orde to be quized over shooting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    From todays Belfast Telegraph--

    PSNI chief to be quizzed on shooting of car driver
    Policing Board members will be asking questions

    By Deborah McAleese
    21 April 2006

    Chief Constable Hugh Orde is to be quizzed by the Policing Board about the shooting of an alleged car thief in Ballynahinch on Easter Sunday, it emerged today.

    Policing Board chairman Sir Desmond Rea said it is the board's responsibility to hold the police to account through the Chief Constable and members will question him at their next meeting in May.

    Father-of-one Steven Colwell was killed at a checkpoint just yards from a police station on Sunday. He was allegedly driving a stolen silver BMW through Ballynahinch when officers opened fire.

    Mr Colwell, originally from the Shankill area of Belfast, died at the scene and was given the Last Rites by a local priest because he was wearing a Celtic T-shirt.

    The incident is currently being investigated by the Police Ombudsman.

    "This is a tragic incident for all those involved," said Professor Rea. "On behalf of the Policing Board, I extend condolences to the Colwell family at this difficult time. Irrespective of the circumstances of this incident, a life has been lost and a family is grieving."

    Professor Rea added that it is also a traumatic event for the police officers who were involved in the incident.

    He said: "Police officers carry a tremendous burden of responsibility in policing our community, as this incident so clearly highlights.

    "The investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragedy is a matter for the Police Ombudsman, and the Policing Board awaits her report on the incident. The Board will carefully consider the findings of this report and any recommendations arising from it.

    "There has been comment in the media as to whether or not the officer involved in the incident should be suspended. This is a matter for the PSNI to consider, in conjunction with the Police Ombudsman, as the investigation proceeds.

    "It is the Policing Board's responsibility to hold the police to account through the Chief Constable. In line with this responsibility, Board members will question the Chief Constable on this incident at their next meeting on May 3."

    Mr Colwell's family recently urged the public not to judge him until a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death is complete.

    He was said to have been a past associate of former UDA chief Johnny Adair, whose son Jonathan placed a death notice in a newspaper for his "best friend."

    Both Mr Colwell's parents and younger sister are dead.

    Looks like the press are after a scapegoat & ,Unfortunatly,It looks like it may be the officer who fired the fatal shot.As if he does'nt have enough to deal with! :x
  2. I love the expression when someone is to be 'quizzed' over an incident. It makes it sound like a TV game show. "OK Mr Orde, your starter for 10..........the Cartwright family of 'Bonanza' fame comprised 'Pa', 'Little Joe', 'Hoss' and one other. Name the 4th Cartwright?"

  3. Hang on.........Steven Colwell, Celtic shirt, mate of Johnny Adair ? Ummmmmmm, surely thats a bit like saying Pope Ratzinger, Catholic, mate of Ian paisley.
  4. "Mr Colwell, originally from the Shankill area of Belfast, died at the scene and was given the Last Rites by a local priest because he was wearing a Celtic T-shirt."

    I doubt very much a Catholic Priest would only give last rites because of a football shirt associated with Catholics. Utter nonsence. I would lay my money that the priest who was at the incident would have given last rites whatever the persons religion. Ohh hang on, What about the priest who gave last rites over the bodys of Cpl Woods & Cpl Howes in Belfast in 1988!.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I was on leave in the province when that happened.Sickening does'nt even come close to describing it!! Barbarrity at it's worst & I hope the funking republican scum who butchered these lads (one I gather had only just got here & was on a orientation jolly) will pay one way or another (Either by God or their concience<if they have one,which I doubt!>)
    I remember going to the City Hall & seeing the flowers laid at the cenatafe (just by the main bus stops) by both Protestants & Catholics being so deep you could'nt get to the memorial.
    For me,as a young SAC in the RAF,it was the most poignent moment in my life & one I will never forget.The restraint these Lads shown,Possibly knowing they had little hope was admirable.Their names are those I will never forget.
    Lest we forget
  6. Well said Spike.

    One of the saddest days in a sad history.

  7. I know this comment is off topic, but I couldn't agree more. It still makes my blood run cold thinking about it.
  8. Just so, and something I have occasionally reminded some younger military people here when they say that there's no longer any risk. There seems to be a good deal of complacency at the moment.
  9. Come on people, clearly more to this than is being made available to the public eye; for good reason. Bloke from Shankill, wearing a celtic top, in a stolen vehicle, think about it....
  10. Personality disorder or suicide bid or both?
  11. Also..........back to the original thread........Orde ? He is a slippery bit of work, will probably be the next Chief Constable of the Met, he is Stevens' puppet and we all know what the great and bold Sir John thinks of soldiers !! I'm afraid that Orde is a thorn (particularly to the military) and will be around for a long time.......questions or no questions about shootings........it'll just 'go away'.
  12. Again well said.

    The finding of the bomb at the Lurgan scrapyard shows that while the IRA may be dissident, it or it's offspring have not gone away.

    Also the recent gun find in Belfast (My link here) shows that the Loyalists are also still a threat to the rule of law.
  13. Forgive my lack of knowledge of the above mentioned murder (In my defence I was four at the time) but could someone provide me with a link so that I can read the whole story.

  14. I think not my friend. The next Commissioner will be an in-house senior officer at the Met.