Orde quits NI police for new role.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Apr 16, 2009.

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  2. "Policing is not a science, policing is as much an art as a science, and it needs individual officers to take the ultimate responsibility for the actions they undertake and they do on behalf of the public.

    Wise words IMO, considering he's been HOPSNI for 7 years & admitted it's been a rough & challenging ride, improvements through-out the Force is still needed & as he stated lesson's still to be learned ie: G20

    The members of the ACPO have spoken & voted for a new president, good luck to Hugh in his new post
  3. One of 'Liarbours' police apparachicks who wasn't a bad operator when under the control of John Stevens at Cambridge. Gets a sniff of high office and turns into a tree hugging, marathon running buffoon, ensuring that 'Tone, the Grinning One's' will and intent was carried forward into the nascent PSNI. The Martin & Gerry song and dance act featured most prominently in his considerations or was it his instructions?

    As Napoleon once remarked - "We're promoted to our level of incompetence".

    Got fcuked off at the high port at the interview for Met Police Commissioner to relieve another of Blair's apparachicks. As with all good party members however, there's always a consolation prize.
  4. So Police officer leaves Police to become head of private profit making company. Where's the news in that?
  5. Sir Hugh has done a great job as a Chief Con. Well respected as a Coppers Cop. Personally can't see another Englishman 'parachuted' in. I think that Judith Gillespie one our ACCs may get the job. She is respected and would be a safe bet. With the current high threat from the DR crowd somebody with years of experience is needed. Apart from the Met very few ACCs on the mainland would have the experience to lead the Force in these challenging times.
  6. Great job? Well respected as a coppers cop? Maybe by a few, not by the majority of us. But that's just my opinion (and most, if not all others I know and work with). A New Labour appointment sent in to do a hatchet job, and that he did very efficiently. Came good with an honest and heartfelt speech at Stevie Carroll's funeral. My estimation of him went up a notch for those undoubtedly genuine words alone. If it's a coppers cop with the experience to take us on during this current climate I'd say Paul Leighton, or Drew Harris at an outside bet. Best of luck to Hugh. Can't say I'll miss him though.
  7. Agree FB. Paul Leighton may get the job. However the first ever Female Chief Con of the RUC/PSNI would tick a few boxes. Gillespie may not be the best candidate but I think there are lot of politics involved at the moment.
  8. Fancy running a tote? :D My money is each way on either Paul Leighton or a blow-in from across the water. The lovely Judith for Deputy Chief Con. Actually, on second thoughts there's bound to be something about betting on the next Chief Con's appointment in the Code of Ethics. Woe betide he that goes against the good book :D
  9. FB I can't see a blow-in getting the job mate.
  10. I don't know. As you said, plenty of politics in the job at the moment. May be one or two Bramshill graduates from the Met looking for an excuse to exit the capital fairly soon :D Fresh start and chance of redemption and all that.
  11. R4 this evening gave the opinion that no one home grown yet has the seniority and experience. Just their opinion of course.
  12. Judith Gillespie, Paul Leighton, Drew Harris. All with 20+ years experience, all with relevant courses/quals, all have spent their whole careers in and amongst the associated issues peculiar to policing here. Any one of which would be a popular choice of the rank and file. Of course they're not up to it. Better someone with no experience of here eh? Blank canvas, new ideas, fresh approach........ no R.U.C. baggage, sorry service :roll:
  13. Here's a wee outsider for you guys..........a birdy tells me Stephen House at Strathclyde has itchy feet already.

    You know where you heard it first..........

  14. Cambridge/3rd report?
  15. From the BBC

    So basically a colonial police service, but it does leave it open to someone from the Garda