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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by syledis, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. I just watched a programme and it showed Orde Wingates grave at Arlington National Cemetery and it said he was buried withe crew of the plane he was in when it crashed.
    My question is:

    Is this seen as a huge honour for a Non American to be buried there, and how often does it happen?
  2. every time they shoot one of our planes down?
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  3. Spooky I just finished reading Forgotten Voices of Burma a few mins ago.
  4. As you walk into Arlington, there is a pretty splendid equestrian statue on (IIRC) the right. It is FM Sir John Dill. He with Wingate and 22 others make up the British population of ANC!

    (see Arlington National Cemetery for details)
  5. Thanks Cuddles (Ive always wanted to say that but hoped it was to a woman!)

    What is the criteria for being laid to rest there?
  6. Being dead.
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  7. Wiki is your friend...however I am minded to offer one stop know-it-all service this night!

  8. Thanks Muchly
  9. Wikipedia say's that seven of the ten dead were American and because the bodies were so badly burnt and the identification methods of the day were not good enough to identify them, all of them were buried at Arlington.
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  11. Cheers all, i wasnt sure if it was seen as a huge honour or not and if it was requested by the families concerned
  12. My (increasingly falible) memory is that Wingate's family were not/not happy about his being re-buried in Arlington without them being consulted.
  13. I think the best death bed request should be " Bury me among Soldiers, the only Honest people in the world, they don't pretend to be anything other than what they are".
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  14. Once again, a gem of information I have received. Just sparked my childhood interest in Orde Wingate, well actually The Chindits. Did the Wikiiiii thingy, more for an abridged and probably not quite correct information on Orde. By all accounts a complex man, or more along the lines of Sterling, Popski, Mayne et al.
  15. Stonker

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    Onion-eating nudist, and ardent bible-thumping Zionist.

    He was borderline certifiable, but he tickled WSC's appetite for placing extraordinary characters in high-profile roles, and then oiling the squeakiest wheel, regardless of the real military logic of any given situation.

    I think there's an argument that says Wingate is responsible, in great measure, for inculcating (through his Special Night Squads in pre-war Palestine) in the present-day IDF, some (if not most) of the less admirable characteristics of their approasch to dealing with troublesome co-habitants of the so-called Holy Land.
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