Orbit and Grenade rounds.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bullet Sponge, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Ok I'm just as guilty.

    For all those of us with the joy that is Orbit and Grenade capable weapons, please be aware that these rounds will not only send your target for a high altitude flight but also anyone stood near them.

    Please be careful, various members are getting a bit touchy about being sent for a flight :oops:
  2. Yes I fuckin am. Stop using them on our island, they are no fun anyway.
  3. I don't mind being sent up 3,000m but 140,000m is a tad boring when the system doesn't let you tp back. My terminal velocity is roughly 54m/s so under normal circs that would be a freefall of 45 mins. SL is considerably slower, so don't expect to see me back for a couple of weeks - CNUT!
  4. You owe me a new monitor you TWAT !!! :thumleft:
  5. A young lady who seems to know a bit about SL told me those Orbital rounds are against the rules of SL, and will get you banned if you're caught using them.

    Best create a new ID :D
  6. Meh SL fun police suck!

    For those who do find themselves victim to an orbit round, if you TP out of arrse island and back in you will tp back at ground level.

    Which is nice.
  7. How will they get cought FB? Is there some sort of SL Secret Police wondering arround undercover ? :plotting:
  8. Teleport to a nother parcel and then teleport back to RnR, numb nuts. :shakefist:
  9. Looks like the fun has stopped..... Im guilty aswell.
  10. Yes.

    On RnR Island, they are disguised as women (it seems we are less suspicious of them, and it's mainly the chaps who have Orbital grenades etc).

    There is a special tattoo on them that looks a little like a LAPD badge (or Judge Dredd's badge). You'll find it hidden in their cleavage, so my advice would be to stare for a while at any lady's frontispiece to see if you can spot the tattoo.

    And you can tell them I told you to do it in the interests of security.
  11. Am I within my rights as a SL user to demand that said females remove their tops / bra so i can have a closer inspection ?

    Purely in the interests of security obviously :plotting:
  12. Why the fcuk should he have to? Weapons are fine and dandy, and if your having a bit of a death match with a few like minded islanders, then so be it. But using weapons that are scripted to ruin the whole experience for another player is a different matter - especially if they are not part of your shoot me up (i kicked a mine today, can you tell i'm overjoyed at the whole experience).

    Take the fcuking things elsewhere. I've had complaints about 1 visitor to the Island ruining it for others, now Arrsers are behaving in exactly the same way. The next complaint i get, i'm going to ban the walting little cnut from ever parcel of land on the Island except the sandbox. You can blow yourself up to your hearts content in there without disturbing others. Christ this is getting tedious.
  13. Not doing your duty if you don't MB.

    You might need to pop over to Bukkake Island and get a spurting penis, asthe tattoos only show up when coated in spaff.
  14. Time of the month is it?

    Could someone grab Boney a tissue, he looks a bit tearful........
  15. I'll get right over there then and square one away. I wouldn't want to be responsible for a lapse in security