Orange River South Africa

I'm about to embark on a week long work trip to a town called Prieska, NC, which is next to the Orange River and I was wondering if any fellow Arrsers had been down that way and fished the river?

Thinking of taking two travel rods one for fly and one for spinning. My fly outfit is pretty well squared away but not sure about what lures to get for talapia and perch. If anyone has any advice it would be great to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for that, I've been once to J'Berg and Pretoria and that was shocking in itself, this will be my first time in the sticks. On that note should I invest in some personal protection or should the usual precautions suffice?

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It is highly unlikely you'll catch any fish - I've never actually heard of anyone fishing in the Orange river before...dip your hand in up to the wrist and you won't be able to see your fingers.

It's in the middle of a desert in late summer - make sure you buy a BIG ******* cooler box and stock it with drinks. Ensure that you have a large supply of whiskey in your luggage so you have something to do in the evening.

Oh and buy the best medical evacuation insurance that you can afford. Apart from that...

I've been told by a chum that there are yellow fish in there, but point taken maybe I will wait till next time if there is a next time. On the note of tomfoolery with the locals, I can't say it's really my bag and useful tips on Whiskey and Cool Boxes. Thanks for your advice Deleted 20555, very much appreciated.


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Wow this is amazing actually i am new here and i am herad first time about the Orange River and i thought that the water color of the river is Orange and also some other thoughts in my mind but this sound's like this nto exact anyways this is good for the newbies thanks for this.......
Yes it is orange, it's also known as 'The Mystical Magical River Of Gatorade'

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