Orange, Red, Yellow.

BBC News - Mark Rothko work sold for record $86.9m at auction

Mark Rothko's Orange, red, yellow has been sold for $86.9 million (£53.8m) - the highest price ever fetched by a piece of contemporary art at auction.

Right, can any of you art farty type cunts explain:

How the fuckingcuntyballbagjuice is that worth £53.8m?

Why you would want to pay that fucking much for it?


Why is that considered art? (I've Spewed up better efforts than that on the lash with Prince Albert!)

I'm off to get some used bog roll out and see how much that is worth! Fuck a cuntin duck!
Blast! I was going to put a phone bid in myself, I didn't check my timings, and I always turn my phone off in Iceland. That is so annoying.


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Not bad for an ARRSE Charity auction!
From The Telegraph's art critic;

These subtly spiritual works, when properly lit, are thought to offer a similar lofty experience that one gets in a place of worship, like a cathedral. Only their refusal to associate with language, or any period in art history, mean they transcend the specificity of religion. But like religious icons, they don't stand up to reproduction. Physically, they rank among the most precious objects in contemporary art. In our age of mass digital reproduction these works are valueless when reproduced as printed copies, but to behold them in the flesh is the closest you will come on earth to having your retinas singed (without gazing into a hot sun).

So if you had had the foresight to pop over to Los Angeles and see the real thing hanging on the wall you would have been mightily impressed.
I'm afraid I can't do links because I'm on a moby but if someone could do the honours on behalf the ARRSE art appreciation society and stick Zanni Yeah! Into Google they'll find images etc attatched this gem:

'Zani has been painting using vaginal and anal enemas and has created many beautiful splash-effect images'.

Not sure if there are any action shots but I reckon she gives Jackson Pollock a 'run' for his money.

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