Orange Parade in Dublin Sat 25th Feb 2006

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheSpecialOne, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Should make good TV!
  2. I was tempted to go, but there will almost certainly be trouble at it (from one side or t'other). Personally, I'll be watching it from the distant safety of Howth Head (should be able to see the smoke plumes from there...).
  3. Who said that the Orange Order didn`t march in nationalist areas :D
  4. I have to ask...........why?

  5. Another publicity stunt.
  6. Because they're celebrating something that happened 316 years ago. Nothing like living for the moment, is there?
  7. More details here.

    If it was as good natured as the Donegal demonstration at Rossnowlagh then there wouldn't be a problem. However this appears to be a "we're more victimised that you contest".
  8. Bunch of pr1cks. Am I allowed to hope they get their heads kicked in?
  9. This particular crowd?.........ummm....if you must.
  10. Well, it's kicked off before the parade started. The Pro IRA camp have attacked the Guardai but Sinn Fein are saying they are not orchastrating it - as if!

    Shops are boarded up, Guards are being put into ambulances after being bricked and riot police are trying to keep the crowds back. A spectacular own goal for Sinn Fein, I would think. They could have gained the moral high ground by letting it pass by without incident. It looks like the old Marxist maxim of creating civil unrest is still live and kicking within the ranks of Sinn Fein.
  11. Would be a nice show of solidarity if we could go down and crack heads alongside the Gardai...... :lol:

    Feb 25, 2006 — DUBLIN (Reuters) - Irish nationalists clashed with police on Saturday during demonstrations against a march in Dublin by Northern Irish Protestants remembering those killed by nationalist guerrillas.

    The protesters hurled bricks and fireworks at police and tore down barriers meant to separate the nationalists from the marchers, a Reuters witness said.

    Police had to close Dublin's main shopping street and shops brought down their shutters.

    Officers herded a small group rioters toward the end of the street where they threw bottles and lit a fire, the witness said.

    At least five people, three police and two protesters, were injured, the Reuters witness said.

    The march, given the go ahead by the Irish government, was intended to call for Ireland to co-operate with probes into unsolved murders by Irish nationalist guerrillas.

    Around 3,600 people were killed during Northern Ireland's "troubles" in the 1970s, 80s and early 1990s. Half of those were killed by the Irish Republican Army, a paramilitary movement that wants to unite the British province with the Irish Republic.

    Although the bombings and shootings that marked the 30-year conflict have subsided, deep mistrust still divides communities in Northern Ireland where national allegiances are also often religious ones.

    The majority Protestant population mainly supports continued British rule while the minority Catholic population is mainly allied to predominantly Catholic Ireland.

    Ireland's Justice Minister Michael McDowell has agreed to meet the protesters.

    The march was supposed to consist of eight loyalist bands with relatives playing pro-British music to give the feel of the traditional July 12 celebrations in which thousands of Northern Irish Protestants parade through the province's streets to celebrate a 300-year-old battlefield victory over Catholics.

    The July 12 celebrations, marked with bonfires and the sound of the pipe, drum and accordion, frequently spark violent riots between Catholics and Protestants.
  13. Why was this allowed to go ahead? You could guarantee there would be dramas.
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  14. I'm Irish, the Gardai, (Irish Fuzz), are not my favourite people, even so I hope they kick seven sahdes of zhit our to the republican b()laxes that started this and if any of them are from the North, they should be flogged all the way back to the border.
    Scumbag C|_|nts.
    My only regret is that I cant go into the city centre with a hurl, (3ft length of timber used for an Irish sport), and open them up with it.
    Shower of w@nk3rs reckin the city I live in. And now the Gardai have advised the public to avoid the city centre, I have to go in there to get the bus home down the country, Wh()re's C|_|nts preventing me visiting my family.

    OK rant over, back to my liberal viewpoint that the rule of law should be observed and applied proportionally, fairly and justly, although I may make an exception in this case.
    Scum like that do not represent me or the vast majority of Irish people.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Your opinion of them may jump up a notch.