Orange Mobile Phone Barred Because of Fraudulent Activity

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jerrycan2793, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Right, If this is the wrong area Im sorry,

    Recently bought an Orange Pay Monthly Contract, Sim Only, All Bills are squared away.

    A Bar was placed on at 1700 Hours Approx last night, Got in touch with them Via the Land line at about 1730 to be told its because of Fraudulent Activity and the fraud team have gone home.

    This happened about a week ago and I wrote it off as a mistake, now im concerned. Are they suggesting ive acted fraudulently? Someone else is using it fraudulently? Anyone had similar problems before?

    The other half is going to kill me if I dont start texting back soon.
  2. Are you the one who got handcuffed?
  3. Sounds like you've been Tangoed.
  4. Give them a ring and find out :twisted:
  5. the handcuff incident is unrelated, as it stands, the bar was placed because the bill was high and they felt it may be fraudulent problem solved now, a pain in the arrse to say the least
  6. Your other half sounds like a bit of a demanding cow, are you sure you can't do better? You seem quite literate, technical aptitude, sense of humour (especially since you still post here, after the unrelated and everything. That must have been embarrassing)

    I used to work for Orange.

    They're cunts.


  7. Actually, this is quite standard for all the network providers; lets say you've got a £30 a month deal and, half way through the month, you've managed to rack up and extra £100 in 'out of bundle' charges (roaming charges, calls to premium numbers etc etc) then Orange will pull the plug until you can confirm these charges have been legitimately incurred by the user. They may ask you for a pre-payment to unfreeze the number but its most likely they will just want you to confirm it was you that made the calls and that you're ok with paying the bill at the end of the month.

    The 'fraud' bit is merely that they are making sure that someone else isn't using your phone fraudulently rather than they think you are committing some kind of phone fraud. The banks do much the same with unusual withdrawals form ATMs; I've had my card frozen when on holiday because the bank's fraud team intervened to protect me from the possibility of someone stealing / cloning my card and using it overseas...

    Give them a quick call and, most likely, they'll sort it out on the phone for you.
  8. yeah they solved it quickly, just a pain as i dont have a landline to start phoneing around. As for the doing better than my current girlfriend she may be a little high maintenance but she puts up with me being away non stop with work, then puts up with me then using my spare time to play soldiers so i cant really fault her wanting a text every now and then, was thinking of proposing but handcuff incident may still be a little fresh in her dads mind
  9. If it's any consolation, I've been killed by that Chilean tsunami, Bruce says I asked for it. OK, I shouldn't have brought up the handcuffs, but it's still a bit much. Happy now?
  10. He'll change his mind when he sees the massive diamond you'd buy her and realises that her shopping habit will be someone else's responsibility...

    (your girlfriend read your arrse posts by the way? :p )
  11. lol bring it up all you like end of the day i allowed myself to be caught out in such a position and was then intelligent enough to publish it on here. The handcuffs are available to a good home on the promise that you bung a few quid in the help for heroes jar. I dont think she reads it if she does she hasnt let on yet.
  12. At least Orange has the best network if you live in the countryside!
  13. Have the scars healed after I had to pick the lock to release you? It was a pure accident that I lacerated your ulnar artery on both wrists with the crochet hook.
  14. Since you have read the above you will now know that it is my ambition to Call you DADDY forever. Im going to be your new son!
  15. How much & do the keys come with them :? :twisted: