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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by devexwarrior, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. I have my orange phone synched to my hotmail and gmail accounts but they have not picked anything up for several days now. Anyone had the same problem? I know I should call them but every time I speak to orange it leave me wanting to kill indiscriminately. I cannot wait until my contract is up and I can move.
  2. I have orange as well and I can not wait to bin them, calls continually drop, lack of service pretty much everywhere and a piss poor customer service department.

    Can anyone recommend a decent provider? I would hate to move to an equally shite service .


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  3. Osta

    My Mrs and kids are on tesco and I can get the same service for a third of what orange are charging. That's where I'm going.
  4. giff gaff. runs on O2s network, but best value in the uk. and no contract.
  5. I tend to find theres about an hours lag time at the least for my emails to come in. The roaming internet is pretty poor though and will randomly decide not to upload/download or connect with 3G even if I had been sitting in the same spot already using it for a half hour or so. It will randomly decide not to work anymore on a full signal. I thought it was the phone at first but missus has the same phone but with O2 and hers is fine.

    Never had any bother with their customer service though.
  6. Had nothing but problems with Orange for months now - sent them several letters, their email customer service function hasn't worked for weeks as they are 'improving it' the kunt in the shop was fuckin useless and their non-uk based customer service assistants are a fuckin joke. Averaging 25 mins to answer a call and their tech support are turd!

    Went to vodafone yesterday who tried fixing my orange phone for me - no luck, but they gave me 20% of a new contract, a decent free phone & some free stuff. Orange can **** off and take a running jump. (I think I'll post my old phone in a jiffy bag with a turd in it to the tech department - kunts!)
  7. My mail sync works ok, but I've the same problem with the 3G dropping out even when on full signal bars (happens mostly in London, but also when I'm in the south west).

    Thinking of going back to o2 once this contract is over.

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  8. I'm on Orange, I find the phone ok but Internet signal is piss poor - never wants to connect. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2. My girlfriend has a Galaxy Note on O2 & her Internet connection is vastly more reliable.
    I'm paying £40 per month for 1200 minutes, 1000 texts, 500mb of data (that I can't use) & all my landline calls for free.
    Changing networks is tempting when the contract expires in August, but nobody else offers free landline calls which is my main priority.
  9. Giff gaff give 1500 mins (to mobile or landline) unlimited text and unlimited internet/data for £25 month, no contract. And runs over the O2 network. I''ll send you a link which, if you use and pay a £5 'anytime' top up, will give you free giffgaff to giffgaff calls, and a further £5 FREE credit.