Oral thrush

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gook, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else had this, or know of anyone who did, and how the cnuting hell do you get rid of the bastard?!!

    My tongue is covered in whitey-yellowish splodges but the worst is my red-raw throat and other cold-cough symptoms which means having to cough up a jerry-cans-worth of phlegm every half hour!

    Okay I realise I'm opening myself up to all sorts of urine extraction and its a long shot, but hey I'm desperate, and reckoning theres gotta be someone from the RAMC around here somewhere...

    Gook out
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  3. Uh Oh!, Sounds like Bird Flue (sic)

    Chicks (apparently) rub Yoghurt in to the affected area (doesn't work, but feels good, from what I've heard!!!!)
  4. Ha well tried some mouth-jelly stuff, mouthwash and various antibiotics, all fine while they lasted, cleared up a treat but within 3 days of getting rid of it its back, GODDAMN! Tried some yoghurt on someone elses advice, doesnt make a bit of difference. Thanks for the help lads but any other ideas?
  5. (Drumming of hoofbeats and ex-medic rides up, leaps off horsy Frankie Dettori-Style, and falls flat on his f***ing face)

    Gook, what you need is something from the following list:

    Fungilin lozenges, oral suspension or tablets,

    Nystan pastilles or oral suspension,

    Amphocetin lozenges, oral suspension or tablets.

    If it's possible, go with the oral suspension options, since you can swill them around in your gob and also let them leak slowly down your throat. Next option would be lozenges you can suck, although your gob'll be a bit painful and they do taste a bit "mediciney".
    Make sure that you run the complete recommended course. Thrush will return unless the treatment is continued for at least seven days, or longer if recommended.

    Another highly effective cure is chewing raw garlic (I shitteth thee not, honest). Plan on six or seven segments through the course of the day. The last one being before you go to bed and AFTER you've brushed your teeth.
    But don't blame me if you lose all your f***ing mates!

    Best of luck. If that doesn't do it, PM me and we'll see from there.

  6. To be honest I'd rather be unpopular with the lads for a week or so than spend bloody forever with this misery...

    I'll pop down the pharmacy with your shopping list sharpish, thanks a lot bugsy! All advice greatfully received!

    Gook out
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  7. It's a long shot, but how about trying your Med Centre ? I reckon there might be some RAMC types knocking about there. I fractured both femurs once and could I hell get any help from t'internet. I tried everything, Citizens Advice, Childline, WRVS woman. In a last chance effort, I went sick and amazingly the RMO knew exactly what to do. It was as if he'd seen it before, who'd have thought it, eh ?! Hope this has helped ...
  8. Auld-Yin

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    Things must be getting soft since my days (harrumph, harrumph) but to have only two fractured femurs and getting to see the RMO, bloody soft the kids nowadays. 2 codiene and M&D in my day. :wink:
  9. Obviously I tried to walk it off first ... !
  10. Make sure you remember to change your tooth brush as well as infection is supposed to stay on them and you can re infect yourself, or that is what in was told after an infection in my mouth, how ever not the same as yours. Thank Fcuk.

    And also stay away from those dirty women or men, not knowing your pleasure.
  11. Beaten to it by Bugsy, but in addition to toothbrush changing, Tongue scrapers are good for increased oral hygiene, but only after you've cleared this bout of thrush.
  12. ...and keep eating the live yoghurt, each time you swallow you take the infection into your system, so you need to flush it out, if you think it's a bastard in your mouth you REALLY don't want it turning up at the other end. 8O

    As well as toothbrush change you need to change towel, pillowcase and anything else you've got saliva onto. Wash them at a nice high temp and tumble them dry.

    Thrush is a fungus, so it likes the heat and wet, but not to hot! Leaving things to dry by air just gives it time to start over....

    Now, go on, tell us who gave it to you and how....... :D

  13. Lets just say it was a great night for both me and her, but no way was it worth getting thrush for!!

    Goose rider, already been to the doc, port of first call, but not to much avail.

    Anyway thanks for the replies all, hopefully that lot will see it off sharpish.

    Gook out
  14. ive had this before...nothing to do with muff diving etc, oral suspension is the way to go, should clear up in a few days....go c the doc.....it can be linked to diabetes though, just to bum you out!!

  15. that's the difference between the services - RAF med centres give you Ibuprofen, Tubi-grip, and tell you to *favour the other leg*