Oral Sex more dangerous than Smoking

I don't care!

Whelking is my second favourite past time.
Well I don't smoke. So tally ho, lets go beaver hunting.
If you don't think oral sex can be dangerous to men, go and tell your missus you just copped a nosh from a schoolgirl and let me know how you get on.
The lezzas won't be happy.
For decades the rug-munchers sat back and laughed at the arse-bandits over HIV/AIDS

Pay-back time!! :nod:
Well i am more than willing to put my life on the line to take part in the Minge eating trials
I'm available if they need anyone to carry out anymore trials, I know it's dangerous, but someone has got to eat all that minge so that the rest of you keep safe. :nod:

Edited to add; It looks like I'm second on the list of volunteers !!

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