Oral Sex May Give You Cancer


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Serves the bastard right for muffing a Swansea girl...
Fucking marvelous...another bastard excuse!
"Cancer". Just rolls off the tongue
Naww! You gets cancer from smoking.....smoking too many gadgies in this case. i don't know about the HP-16 virus, sounds like a cheap bubble jet printer with overpriced cartridges to me.

My money is on:

Kaposi's sarcoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

....read it and weep you fucking noshers!
I clicked the linky and read this . .

Higher rates of transmission among gay and bisexual men have been attributed to "deep kissing" sexual partners with KSHV
Is this like 'French kissing'? I'm suspect it's not, but I'm also scared to find out exactly what it is
It is something I have always suspected. Giving a woman pleasure is bad for your health.

No real man should have the faintest clue what a clitoris is or where to find it, in any case.

There should be leaflets and government information films discouraging foreplay. Inducing an orgasm, even by accident, should be made a criminal offence.

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