Oral sex causes cancer.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. If you indulge in oral sex you have a 9 times higher likelyhood of contracting throat cancer.

    This compares to 3 times for a smoker and 2.5 for a drinker.

    So if you are a drinker who smokes and then has oral sex I think you are in trouble.

    Oh and according to something I heard on the radio it seems that this risk is more prevelant among men for some reason.

    So it seems wedding cake isn't the only thing that stops blowjobs anymore.

    Can oral sex cause cancer?
  2. Shit I must be about to kick the bucket any moment.
  3. Thanks for that, but I don't smoke dicks
  4. There was a documentary on the BBC a few weeks back on this - looked a load of shite though so didn't bother watching it

    I swear everything gives you cancer these days, well I suppose you only live life once!
  5. Can we just clarify something, the risk of cancer is only higher if the dick is getting rammed into your throat! I can't see a problem with that, but don't tell my missus.

    Oh, and Jarrod, you're fucked mate!
  6. Any form of oral sex matey. So if you missus fancies a bit of tounge action then you had best buy a dog or something.
  7. Seems to be related more to the number of partners than the frequency of the act - so no excuse for the wife!
  8. Unless I misunderstood the report then (hetero) blokes are at a higher risk than women as we carry the HPV (which is the cause) anyway.

  9. Why is his missus from Liverpool.
  10. Ditto if you take it in the back eye. I wonder if that's why JJH's got a broken bottom.
  11. Unless I'm blowing myself off, and I've seen a bloke who could but never managed it myself, how do I get bellend HPV into my throat?
  12. It's true! That's what happened to Jade Goody, the pole smoking slag.

    If you go down on a ginger bird then you deserve cancer.
  13. Well did I tell you about this dry cough i've had for some time? I don't want to bother the GP it's probably the heating at work.
  14. Via your missus clunge of course.

    Bellend-clunge-gob=death. So in fact you actually kill your self.
  15. I might still have a chance then. I drink to much, I smoke to much, but don't get a nosh off the missus anywhere near enough.

    P.S. Shouldn't this be in the naafi...