Oral Orders/CLM Course

Hi all. Please help me along here. I shortly attending a CLM and would like some advice on Oral Orders. Where do I start and what do I need. Is there somwhere I can research the info required for Orders process before I go on my CLM/MPC. I am not looking forward to it, although I know I will do it, I will give it a good shot. Any other advice offered with ref to course would be greatly appreciated. Thanks lots
what you really need is a pre clm course. That would make life a little easier.
However they do teach it to you on the CLM. You are then assessed on giving a set of orders in house then in the field.
but you really need someone to show you, you cant really teach yourself, its practice really.
one thing you can do is get your head in the orders tam its the idiots guide follow that and you cant go too far wrong, as long as you
extract the correct info from your rx orders. or you cant speak infront of anyone.

good luck

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