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Oracle Net Suite

So anyone used it it business and does it work?
Currently using it in virtual mode so no one can fcuk it up to much?
Any good or bad things to know about it?

Have used Oracle databases before but will less modern/user friendly interfaces.

Waiting on the company to train us on the logistics side of it.
Might be a long wait & I do miss MJDI and never thought I would say that.
Just like a lot of IT systems, that its main problem Is that it is thrust upon people who would not necessarily be IT orientated (even in this day and age).

Personally, I think it’s great. It should reduce waiting time in some processes, and can potentially store all budget/HR related records in one place. App is ok, but if you can do it in a browser, there’s better functionality.

As with most databases the golden rule still applies.

Shit in = shit out. Standardise early on.
Seems it goes Live again next month, lets see if those in the know are in the know this time.

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