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Link that might be useful to people looking for a career in IT when you leave the services.

Go to and type 'employment' into the search box at the top right of the screen. This will take you to the Recruitment page. On the right of that page there's a link that says:

"For Opportunities in other countries (except US, Canada, All Latin America Countries, India, Australia, and Singapore), please click this link"

Click that and you'll get the page for EMEA (which includes the UK).

If you set the country to United Kingdom, you'll get the jobs in the UK within Oracle.

Two tips:

(a) You can apply direct to HR. (Oracle use Monster and Jobsite to place wider adverts and will accept applications from those sites as well). Don't go via a recruitment agency.

(b) Oracle tend to include tests as part of the interview process, so if you say you're a great C++ programmer, be prepared to prove it.

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