ORA - Historic and Classic Rifle Shoot Sat 26th Sept 09

Just writing to let you know of the Oxfordshire Rifle Association's Historic and Classic Rifle Shoot on Saturday 26th September 2009. The shoot is held at the Otmoor Range and is over 100 yards. We are very keen to open this competition up to other shooters to come along and take part too. Please PM me if you would like any further information. Oh, if there are any other muzzle-loaders who are keen to enter then please do - it would be great to give my Whitworth a bit more competition! :D


The Meeting will take place on the OTMOOR Range on Saturday 26th September
2009 starting at 10 00 am
There will be Six Classes:

1. Service Rifle - any Nationality –dated over 50 years, Service issued sights only - best 10 of 12 shots – Service issued sling.

2. Black Powder Rifles - Calibre 0.45 or more - Replica Rifles shall receive an handicap of 10%. Best 10 of 12 shots

3. Muzzle Loading Black Powder Rifles and Muskets, 12 shots best 10 to count.

4. Small-bore rim fire - 0.22 Rifles over 50 years of age - target sights permitted if fitted-original sling type (Not Single Point)-best 10 of 12 shots-single loading only. (eg BSA 12's , 12.15,15s , Vickers or Century). No leather jackets or gloves.

5. Service Rifles or Carbines over 100 years of age, 12 shots best 10 to count.

6. Any Rifle , over 50 years old or equivalent reproduction , any sights,
prone or kneeling , 12 shots best 10 to count.

All Classes will shoot at 100 yards on the “Otmoor” Target

Cost of each Class Entry £5

More than one entry is permitted in all Classes providing the additional fee is paid.

All Day Ticket £25 gives unlimited entry to all classes.

Competitors shooting Practice Targets and who do not enter the Competitions £12

All non ORA competitors a charge of £2 to cover Insurance & Day Membership

Competition 3 for The “Volunteer” Cup ( ORA Members only)

Note All shooting must cease at 3.45 pm owing to local range by-laws.

All entries shall be made on the day. Two successive details only permitted.
Stupid question -- why is category 2 limited to greater than 45 calibre? This excludes practically all the European blackpowder cartridge rifles, which tend to be 8-11 mm.
Thanks for your question, Stoatman. To be absolutely honest, I don't think anyone remembers why it was set at .45 calbre in the black powder rifle class. I think it's never been questioned because all those who own BP rifles in the ORA have owned the usual bag of Pedersoli Repros as well as more interesting Sniders, Springfields etc.

I agree that it is a shame to exclude the Continental BP Cartridge rifles of the smaller calibres. However now that the point has been raised we can get it incorporated into the rules. It is a case, I am sure, of it just being overlooked previously.

I have to say that I would love to see more Black Powder cartridge rifles entered in this shoot, a Chassepot or several would be a joy to see.

I'll request a rule change and re-post with the decision.

Beerhunter, the Otmoor Target is similar to the NSRA PL7 50 metre UIT pistol target. The dimensions of the black are the same as the PL7 though the target is printed on white card rather than buff paper. There are futher differences in that the 10 and 9 rings are the same size as the PL7 though it differs outwards from there.

It was found to be much more economical to get our own design of targets produced locally rather than buy the NRA/NSRA ones.

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