OR Transfers to Australian Defence Forces

Discussion in 'Australia' started by nighthawk, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Other Ranks Transfers to Australian Defence Forces.

    A serious question if I may and any constructive advice and accurate information would be most welcome.

    My Step Daughter remains in the UK at the present but wishes to join us here in Australia in due course. She has a fiancé who has recently advised us that he intends to enlist into the Royal Artillery, in what trade we have no idea.

    He states that his objective is to eventually obtain a direct transfer from the UK to the Australian Defence Forces after 4 years service, he says he's been assured that this is available to him after he has served 4 years and that the British Army takes care of everything including arranging the transfer to ADF, arranging removals and shipping and flights.

    Now I suspect with good cause that its not quite as straight forward and simple as that.

    I suspect that there are conditions attached such as the ADF having a vacancy for him to transfer into and having a vacancy within his Corp and trade. I also suspect that there may be a minimum rank and trade limit placed against such transfers but I’m too far out of the loop to know precisely.

    Can anyone shed any light upon direct transfers to the ADF, is this open to other ranks with four years service and does the Army really arrange everything as this young man states his ‘army career advisor’ has assured him is the case.

    Many thanks.
  2. You are much more likely to get useful replies in the Australia forum (look much further down the list on the front page)

    I think your potential son-in-law is deluded if he thinks the British Army is going to spend a big wad of cash training him and then after only 4 yrs ROS, hand him over to your lot on a plate. I do know the Australian Army will help with moves etc.
  3. Wot Blodders said. It is not a straight transfer, he will have to go through the hoops for immigration and leave the British army before signing on to the Aussies. And no, we won't pay for his flights, food, removals or anything else to get him there. That is a private issue. Howevr, the Aussies might.
  4. Seek and you shall find :)


    btw.... he's better off forgeting the army route and searching the skills shortage list and choosing a career that's in demand. do the training at college/university, then apply to emigrate - instant job and oz passport for finance/healthcare (nurses/doctors)/sparkys/plumbers etc :)

    Immediate Skill Shortage List

    Skilled Occupation List
  5. Hi,

    I am a lateral transfer myself and can tell you there is a lateral transfer system. However I think somebody has been miss informed. Firstly there is a recession here in Australia like anywhere else and plenty of applicants to join at the OR rank. Secondly the Australian Defence Force (ADF) have a huge overspend at the moment with regards to wages. Thirdly there is talk here of closing the lateral transfer window for an indefinate period.

    The ADF do take lateral transfers, they have to generally be CPL or above and have skills that are required by them. British Military have to apply and go through a protracted paper application system finishing with interviews in London held in August. If he is accepted he then has to apply for a visa, undertake medicals etc all at his own cost (expect approx $2000 for medicals and $ 1500 for visa appliactions. Then the Australian Government have to agree to a Labour Agreement where the burden is on him to prove there is nobody else available in Australia to do that job (a critical trade shortfall..I suspect not at OR level) If he passes and a Labour agreement is issued then once he signs on the line the ADF will pay some costs back, don't expect all. To get a contract from the ADF he will have to prove he has physically left the British Army (high risk). Then the ADF will pay for his removals and flights over. The Brits definately will not assist in any way. I suggest he goes back and evaluates the whole idea before burning his breaches. To finish off he ahs to expect this process to take about 2 years to complete.
  6. Hi mate,

    I'm not very well qualified to tell you the exact scope of things but maybe my 2 cents can aid you. I come from down under (New Zealand) and have family in the forces. There are quite a few Brits around in our forces but I have never heard of any under the rank of Sgt. All the ones I've met/heard of have been employed in positions like helo instructors or high up in signals and logistics where they have alot of desired technical skills. Now I can imagine the Oz army being similar in that regards. What you have to realise is that our forces are alot smaller than yours so if you don't have skill they need you won't get in just being OR as there are plenty of locals who can do grunt work. I should imagine that after 4 yrs your daughter's fiance will not have the skills or qualifications they want yet. It is true that our armies are getting pretty full up due to the economic situation too so recruiting from overseas AND home is slowing down to a trickle. Like I say, I don't know too much about it but the little I do know points to many pitfalls and impracticalities. The other thing is that getting into the RA over here is a long proccess too. At the moment they don't even have start dates for those waiting after selection. Your future step son in law may be looking to up to a yr to join that if he applies now, so you would have to add that on. To be honest I reckon the best plan for him would be to get a visa to oz, get permanent residency and then go for the ozzy army from the beginning. Their upper age limit is alot higher than here so if he stays fit he'll get in. You can get in if you have permanent residency and then you can apply for ozzy citizenship after 3 months (I checked it out). If he is only joining the brit army coz he thinks it'll get him to oz then please encourage him not too as that is a very crap reason to join up in the current climate.
  7. This might be worth a read, particularly the last page (post: Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:50 am)


    As stated and as you suspect, the British Army does not organise transfers to the ADF. Any lateral transfer application is a personal undertaking.

    (Mrs Loggie).
  8. My extreme gratitude to you one and all for useful and cordial information and comment, as I suspected, a number of you pointed me in the right direction and I now have the lowdown on what is actually required and I seriously doubt that this young man has or will achieve that!

    How gullible some can be! Did some oik at the ACIO Bristol really tell this individual all that farmyard stuff?

    Guys and girls much appreicated indeed and facts documented and sent winging on its way to said individual to read and inwardly digest before committing himself.
  9. Hi there i was wondering if you could help me.
    We tried to look at transfering to the adf about 2 years ago, but my hubby was told that he should start applying in his last two years, but as we looked into it again it looks like they have suspended transfers is this true.
    I had an email from a lady called sue lawrence who was really helpful but it looks totally doom and gloom :( ..
    Do you or any body have any advice or as your over there what can we do or is there no hope for us..
    Hubby is a ssgt in the royal artillery he is bowman systems trained but is on the cp side of things and currently doing courses on the project management side. Is 22 years are up march 2012 would apprciate any help out there.
    cheers sue :?
  10. The overseas lateral transfer scheme has been suspended indefinitely by SCMA (OR's career management) and DOCM (Officer's career management).
    This is due to the economic downturn, because of this Aussie recruiting, re-enlistments and retention has been at the highest levels in years.
    However, things change (Governments etc) so keep sending the emails every couple of months to see what the state of play is.
    I believe New Zealand may still be recruiting certain trades at the moment, so that could be an alternative route to follow (You have to pay all removal costs though).
    Good luck
    Mr Weegwa
  11. For current and accurate advice, email the lateral transfer cell at SCMA. email address is on the defence jobs website under overseas applicants.

  12. Thanks for your help really appreciate it, i guess we will keep on emailing them as you said it could change, or we could go civvie route but can't even try for that until 2011.
    Guess we missed the boat as they say but we wont give up :eek:
    cheers if you here any news please let us us know finding the info is the hardest..

    cheers :oops:
  13. My suggestion would be that your OH takes VENG if its offered - the Lateral Door is definitely shut right now - I'm one if the lucky few who have just slipped in but had to really get my skates on to do it.
  14. HAving been subject to the Aussie Immigration system, I would suggest that if the sole reason for joining was to come here, he would be better off spending the 4 yrs doing an apprenticeship.
    It is very hard to try and guess what trades will be in demand in 4 yrs times, and the rules change every year- I myself was caught out by a change in the points system, and had to go another route.

    The trades like sparky and the like tend to always be in demand, also diesel fitters and mechanical fitters, or anything that can be used in the mining industry.

    If he sticks to these type of trades he would be able to get sponsored by a firm which makes the process a whole lot quicker and easier, there is a return of service condition on the visa though of 2 yrs.

    If he comes under his own steam with a trade, it takes a lot longer but as soon as he hits the ground he can do whatever job he likes, which includes joining the Army. If he joins the regs it will actually be a lot quicker route to citizenship as you qualify a lot earlier.