"Opus Dei Unveiled"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, May 18, 2006.

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  1. well, the da Vinci Code made its debut at Cannes and the first reviews seem to put it at the rim of the waste basket.. One critic said the damn film would never have been considered in Hollywood if the book hadn't been written first, the film was that bad..

    Another figured the only way it could make its money back was if everyone who bought the book [ 60 million copies FFS! ] paid to see the film.

    Best thing in the flick, apparently, is Sir Ian McKellen..He said at a press conference he thought the Vatican would be all for the book/film because it ' proved ' that Jesus wasn't Gay...

    Ron Howard lost cred on Cinderella Man , now it looks like his rep is going to slip again with this.. still.. given the nature of the hype, it will make enough to justify: Da Vince Code II - Jesus' Revenge..

    I, for one, will not be going to see it.. I'm waiting for the next ' based-on-a-video-game ' actioneer starring The Rock!
  2. No doubt it is a load of tosh. Wooden acting from all except Sir Ian McKellen. Someone gave me the book when I was in hospital last year and I was so bored I read it. Its full of pi$$ takes, e.g. Bishop Aringarosa; Italian for red herring. I've read some of his other stuff and that's crap too.
  3. I read the book and thought iot was pretty good - an intelligent story well told. It's so easy for people to slag things off as cr@p once it becomes famous. Suddenly everyone is a critic and thinks that by saying something succesful is rubbish it makes them important. Well. it just goes to show how ill informed they are. So what if film critics say the film sucks - it was odds on that some would say that. Go and see it for yourself and then judge it. It's just a book and a film FFS. As for waiting to see the Rock in his next film - lthe term "owest common denominator" springs to mind!
  4. Hey, Special..
    " don chu be puttin' down the Rock!.." No one could have filled out the loincloth like he did in The Scorpion King!.. and, as for Walking Tall.. hell, almostt made me forget Joe Don Baker and Bo Swenson in the orginals.. though, I will admit, that even he couldn't save Doom! as a film.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Man can outact Stallone any day and makes Arnuld look like a lampost!.. 8) 8) 8)
  5. Crap book; predictable formulaic, 'just so' plot...

    Predict the film will be just....Predictable? :roll:
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sorry TSO I also read the book but did not find it as good as the hype (where did that word come from! ?) Apart from the obvious attempt at leading towards the chase ('cos it is just a chase movie) there is no real substance to the book. Why not I (almost) hear you ask - because it is a fecking story.

    It is not a story well told. FFS it is not even an attempt at intellectual study, it is a novel.

    Intelligent story - nah! IMHumbleO
  7. It doesnt matter
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Does TSO have "special" access to red balloons and icecream?
  9. I think half the problem is the critics have probably already read the book. When you know exactly whats going to happen from the very start it doesn't exactly make for an exciting movie.
  10. The reviews coming in are generally unfavourable saying that the film is ponderous and spends too much time trying to put across the crap from the book that it lacks the suspense and oomph a good thriller ought to have..
    Guess there's no hope for the ' spin-off' : The Da Vinci Coed:
    Pious University Student, Mary Magdelen is coerced into revealing the deep dark family secret, an incredible sex technique that seduced the Son of God Himself!!.. rated X for obvious reasons.
  11. Hype is a shortened form of Hyperbole

    alternatively see about 80% of posts on this site :twisted:
  12. Saw it last night and apart from Sir Ian McKellen's grandiose ramblings its utter shyte.

    Theres this "foot-dipping" scene near the end which basically takes the p*** out of the entire film.

    Honestly I had to stifle a howl of laughter at that point lol

    Crap book, even worse film.
  13. Other than the shock value of the storyline (the fact that Jesus was sexually active) the book was amateurish and written with all the skill of a "Penthouse" letter.I havent seen the movie yet.Ill probably wait till it makes it to local tv or for someone to buy the dvd so I can borrow the disc.But judging from reviews the movie was probably overhyped to a level where however good it is it will still be a disappointment.Im waiting for the unrated version which is rumoured to have a fifteen minute scene of J.C in a sauna with Mrs J.C.
  14. 99 red baloons to be precise! :wink:

    Yes, it's just a novel, and that's why it was a good read. You'll be trelling me that Bravo Two Zero was made up as well! 8)
  15. Has anyone else seen this on the History Channel? I know it's DaVinci Month :roll: but I stopped into this one while procrastinating...a friend of mine was involved with Opus Dei for years back home (emphasis on was) and I was curious as to see how they handled the subject matter. Especially since there's so little first-hand knowledge on the subject, much like Scientology.

    I thought it was quite informative and interesting (even though I tend to view all forms of extreme religion as fecking dangerous). If you have any interest in Opus Dei, the history of Catholicism or religion, you might want to check it out.