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  1. I have been in a new post for 7 months now, I had really high hopes when I got here but try as I might nothing seems to be changing here. There are so many problems going on that need rectifying. I have told as many people as I can but its just seems pointless as I get little to no feedback. I am due to deploy this year, and the thought of facing the same problems when i get back is daunting to say the least. I have been told to forget about the main problems and just concentrate on the deployment. I find this hard to do. I am seriously thinking of putting my papers in to leave, this is not something I have ever considered before now, but to be honest another few years of this would drive me insane. I have put in a posting request through my cahin but I have been told theres no chance, I gave my reasons and said I would like to be considered for posting after deployment. Anyone else with any advice for me? I am not in a med unit, have no MO. My main concerns are with training and future development, especially with the CMT cadre changing. Cheers.
  2. the futures bleak, try a trade change.
  3. Try one of the recruitment fares to see what other trades are on offer. I was in the same situation 6 or 7 years ago and looked for a way out. Job satisfaction is important and changing trades was the best thing I ever did
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    What did you change to?
  5. the clue is in my username
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  7. Naughty policeman! You'll have a report on the inspectors desk in the morning. Treat the sniffers with care.

    As for the sprog, get a life and get out a bit. F*uck work and do something worthwhile with your own time. Dont expect it to come on a plate. Work's work just do it. Make the most of your time off. Infact take advantage of Army time go adventure training, play sport, get on the piss with your new mates, travel etc If you go to one of these "real job" trades you'll work for the rest of your time in small groups with no "peaks" that the military offer. If your a fat twat who likes sitting at a desk pissing around with computers change trades you'll suit it. Give your specs a wipe!

    Either way stop moaning and get on stag, geek!!
  8. Easy answer fella, GTF, the CMT cadre is on its arrse, it was when I left and apart from a lot of well intentioned posts on here saying how the future is rosier, which of course any CMT would be cynical (been changing for years since I joined in 88 but still seems the same old sh*t) I still think the writing is on the wall for the CMT cadre.

    You could always whinge like a bitch or backdoor a posting (I managed to do it through Corps rugby contacts years ago!!) but non of this is guarenteed.

    You could just shut up and get on with it, but lets be honest this is the type of response you will get from the keen and green mongs where you are!!!

    Or you could get out and earn some real money in the real world, without butt snorkling mongs who have arrse kissed there way up giving you sh*t and holding you back (not all people of rank need take offence, just those who are wa*kers!! :)).

    Just a tip for resettlement fella, go for IT, telecommunications, or Health and Safety, all are sure fire winners in the long run with a bit of hard work, and unlike the mob hard work is rewarded with hefty pay packets.