I've found out that 'The Board' has promoted someone that hadn't even qualified for it.....and so shouldn't even have been considered!

What is my best course of action now?....apart from making MCM Div's ears bleed on the phone tommorow! 8)
Was it a Rugby player or a holder of golden balls!!

I witnessed a bloke once who was marched in on COs orders and promoted to S/Sgt then marched out and marched back in again seconds later on COs orders to be charged with missing a parade and given a 3 month bender!!

To this day I cant understand this guys fortune, He has 2 DD charges and was caught but not charged doing fraud at sub unit level!!

At present hes a W02 , billy no mates!!

If this geezer you mention who has been promoted but without the required quals can cut the mustard good luck to them!

If not then time will tell , hopefully not at the suffering of those within the lethal splinter distance!!

Why not mention it to the barber next time your getting your hair cut and no doubt the Choclate Orange will find out from his chain of command!!

Its the number one place to spread manure at all ranks level!
Yeah, fair one to him but my beef is not with the individual concerned...it's with this fcukin' system that can change the bloody goalposts at will...

I had recently been left off the board two years running 'cos I hadn't been able to get courses in. Fair enough I thought - shít happens!

NOW, the w*nkers decide to promote someone who isn't coursed-up and myself and a few others in the same boat are more than just a little bit PISSED!

Understandably so, I'm sure you will agree....I/we need to know what recourse we have? Career interview? A good old 'chest-poking sesh'?!
Possibly taking the bull by the horns!!
There is an old classic which rarely works that is to sign off and on your final COs interview bring this point up , that can backfire and leave you with your P 45 in hand.
How a bout just ringing or calling by the badges office and mentioning it to him?

There were no showers in the block and only 3 baths for 40 blokes, quality of life was affected , but the reason nothing was done was that the powers to be were not aware of this drama and blokes were constantly late and in the shit after morning PT literally!! especially the joe crows!!

If there is a posse of you sit down and check your data and facts before you start darkening doors.

Suppose the only other options are a visit to RHQ by the Knight Rider
or all choose a landyard and state reason for wanting posting was unduly marking time?
Ok, Eagle, the first thing you need to do is invade Poland, thatll throw them off the scent........................

Mr Happy

Poland's so used to be invaded nobody'd notice. I can't help but feel their whole commitment to Iraq is just so somebody in Warsaw can get the first Polish Overseas Service medal....

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