I have recently passed ADSC and am going to my local army careers office on Monday to find out more. However if someone can help me here and now that would be great.

I was told at the ADSC that I could expect to wait up to 4 months for my chosen job to start training. I know I have 15 days to go to my local careers office and confirm that I want to be placed on the waiting list for a date to start training. If I do this I guess I sign a contract? How set in stone is it? If for whatever reason during the 4 month wait something happened and I would have to withdraw my application from the army. Is this possible and how difficult would it be?

Just to confirm I do want to join the army but things happen and 4 months is quite a long time.


well go in to careers office and ask for the proper advice. Or even phone but im pretty sure you can withdraw your application during the 15 days. What are your second choices? if ones infantry like me i am away on the 17th may. I started my app on the 2nd march how quick. There is a intake every month for most infantry regiments i think. so thats a quicker option.


You aren't legally bound to serve anytime in the Army until you swear your oath of allegiance as far as I know. So you are a free man until then! After that you must do your 28 days before being eligible to leave.

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