Recruiting is not the problem in this new slim line user friendly, left wing, softly softly, tree hugging, goal post moving army. Retention is. So instead of rewarding phase 1, potential recruits, lets reward anyone who has been in over 10 minutes. The latest rumour to be banded around is privatising regiments. Don't say it will never happen. Units are in charge of their own budgets, and ours is always broke. So let the corporate world sponsor a unit, and reward the toms with share options.  
We could have....
The My Little Pony Household Cavalry
The 3rd Hitachi Paratroopers
The 2nd Pizza Hut Highlanders
The Colmans Fireside Retrievers.

We could have nice badges to sew onto our C95.
(Combat XP is due for release very soon!)
The Air Assult Bde has that budgie thing.

Will it work? Will Tony care?

Will I miss the shares bonus, just like all the other bonus issues..... ;D
Sounds like the way ahead.  It worked for public transport, just look at railtrack.

Ronald McDonalds Flying Infantry are now recruiting (formerly the Parachute Regiment)
i can see it now, para wings with 1 gold star pinned to it, and thier baseball caps over thier left ear...

And as for the 1st KFC lancers.....

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