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I am 29 with a good degree in geography from a good uni and Phd in teaching, so not a dead head but also down to earth and acknowledge that a degree doesnt really mean a great deal so not stuck up either. How on earth the army can take 21 year olds babyfaces fresh out of uni for commissioning astounds me, but thats another matter.

I was considering joining the TA and after some research I was swayed towards a combat engineer/4PARA, but thinking about it I think I should have joined the army years ago as a reg. Just got used to earning a shed load of money in sales/management but hated every job and wasted the last 8years since uni. I am now thinking about joining as a full time reg but that many jobs to choose from....basically I want a physical and mental challenge, and the ability to use my own brain and solve problems etc, as I like to think for myself as well as being intructed what to do.

I would love to be attached to PARA in some form, maybe as an engineer?

So here are my questions.

1. In what way will my age be a hindrance to my career in the army? My mate in REME(fat cnut) says with me being 29 it will go against me but in what way?

2. Can anybody suggest any jobs they think would suit. Considered the following.....

geo tec(related to degree) but would get bored if was using GIS printing maps all day(want some action as I feel I work best under pressure). plus are they really that geeky?

combat engineer, anybody suggest a specialism?

something to do with intel. this is apparently hard to get into isnt it? any specialisms anone can suggest here?

my REME mate( no sh1t sta88er jokes pls ;-) thinks it best if I join TA and see if I like " the look of the army" or whatever that means.

3. a family relative is a captain in 7para RHA. would this stop me from joining certain units or just the one he is in?

Mate goto your local recruiting office explain your wishes quals etc etc and they will put you straight and won't fill your head with pish!!

Also consider looking things up online before hand fore warned fore armed and all that jazz.

Don't just consider the army go and visit all three services and see what's on offer.

Also if you do decide on the army (and why wouldn't you) consider joining or at least looking at the int corp they have a lot of sub specialities which you will only find out about once in.

All the best.
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