Options for merino base layers.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by McDave, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Looking for a base layer that I will wear under body armour and a smock 24h a day. Used on exercise that involves the usual section attacks casualty extraction. Does anyone have any experience with merino base layers they would recommend?

    There are reviews on here with icebreaker 200 layers and people say their great and would not go back to HH but it's the kind of kit sold by snow and rock (winter sports) are they too heavy for this kind of use? Seen Haglofs Roundneck however no one has my size (small). SmartWool do a midweight option, would this be more sutible maybe.
  2. X59

    X59 LE

    Been using merino base layers, t shirt and boxers for a couple of years now and never been disappointed.

    Best regulator of body temp, cool when the mercury rises, toasty when it dips. I wear the stuff every day on the motorbike as a courier in London. From cold motorway work to overheated congestion in town, it wicks sweat when you graft, dries quick and doesn't stink like Helly Hanson if you have to wear it for an extended period, or if it's been sitting in the dhobi basket for a couple of days waiting for Mrs X59 to sort her admin out.

    Top stuff.

    Icebreaker is the best quality, but with a price tag to match, but Kathmandu do a decent range for half the price.
  3. I have a Woolpower top. It might be slightly too heavy for what you are doing, but a good all rounder in Autumn and winter.

    A very good quality brand that will last you for years. Easy to wash and dry in the machine or in the field.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bloody hell, save yer pfennigs and go with man at Q&M, its not only cheap as in free but should you wreck the issue tisue then you can take it back and exchange it!
    Now if you were asking about mountain climbing thats different but for playing soldiers on ex stick with what you are issued, ffs its the best option, there are enough kit tarts out there.
  5. Aldi and/or lidl come out with some really good Merino stuff closer towards Winter. It might not suit you if you are deploying in a couple of weeks, but might be worth the wait to save the pennies.

    It ain't ally, but it works and all adds to the hooker fund in the end.
  6. H3

    H3 LE

    Check out your local TK Max ...... M&S in the passed have also had 100% Merino in Black .
  7. Aldi are currently selling Merino cycling undershirts in Black for about 15 quid.
  8. Merino while nice can get very stinky if you dont have wash facilities, it's for civvie street use when you won't have to wear it for more than a weekend.

    Just get the good old Helly Lifa shirt, they dont smell anymore as they changed the material, they are also easy to wash yourself and quick drying.
  9. Normally I do just use issued brown t-shirt never bothered with the cotton ones so many people sport. Want to see if trying something else works better as it's not perfect. If I wanted to look ally would just have got a HH Lifa as its quite recognisable as being branded.

    So looks like I will hit TK, AL and MS next weekend then. Thank you for the suggestions, given me a good guide as to what to look out for.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I always found that the reorg phase of a sect attack etc was time wasted, yes get ammo returns in but seriously getting warm kit out of a daysack or bum roll (where we used to stash everything according to 58 pattern packing lists) was pretty pointless, if you have time for that then you have time for a brew/ dig in or improve the captured position. I wonder if real operational experience will win through in a more realistic set of training drills taught in the future. The big one we learnt post Falklands was that there wasnt a fight through and reorg, just chaos whilst you got casualties back and attempted to deal with the next en posn. Its only us that seemed to believe the en wouldnt have any depth!
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oh I forgot to add I used to smuggle a posh black shetland into my large pack for exercises back in about 1982, it was superb!
    Shetland Jersey not fecking Pony!
  12. Now you've done it, when it wakes from it's latest alcohol-induced coma it'll be round here gibbering about ponies.

    And, on thread, I found the Aldi stuff to be pretty good vfm, been using it for years.
  13. Agreed. I shuffled around the TK Max's in Rugby, Norf'ampton and MK and found some two years ago. M&S in MK did a nice selection of V neck and round neck merino pulli's for about 25 eenglish quids during their sale.

    A mate told me a trick for de-minging merino in the field - well. in the hills. If there is snow on the ground you simply lay the article of clothing out flat on the snow and gently pull it towards you. Turn over and repeat. Apparently the goppy, dried out sweaty residue soaks away from the wool and into the snow.
  14. buy either icebreaker or redram- it's more casual than the IB, it's also cheaper.
    drawbacks of them are that you cannot wash them in 60 degrees, also no tumble-dry.
    or, you can buy stuff from woolpower, stuff made of ullfrotte- which is basically merino wool + synthetics; as it's name suggests, it looks like a frotte material; its really nice lightweight and warm- i like it more than icebreaker (although, i tested only hats and socks, no base layer)- you can treat it as any other material, it won't shrink etc.
    does anyone know about something that could replace norgie- but made of merino wool? i need something that would also cover a neck (as much as norgie does)