Options for completing TA recruit training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jan_van_Riebeek, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. OK so I am probably not your average TA soldier, I am lucky in that I can take a lot of time off my work at short notice and have been pushing to get fully trained ASAP. This has meant that I have been able to get all my weekends done fairly quickly and am now ready to move onto my 2 week final phase. Unfortunately all the CMS(R) courses are booked out until May, meaning that I have to wait almost 3 months before I can complete training. This has all kind of implications for career progression such as trade training and deployments I want to go on in the future. Not nearly as important but I also dont get my bounty this year even though all I need is a 10 day camp (having done more than enough days and passed fitness etc)

    Does anyone know if there is any other way to speed up the training. My unit has tried very hard to help me out, but I am just seeing whether anyone on here has any bright ideas that could help.

  2. I don't think so unless there is a drop out on an earlier camp but to be honest i've got to wait till April for mine so just think of it as more time to train.
  3. As mentioned before doubt there is anything you can do short of someone dropping out. The only thing you can find out is whther you are down as a travelling reserve
  4. Going as a reserve might be your best bet. I lived about an hour from Pirbright and my PSI got in touch with them and basically said "He'll be packed and ready to go on the morning. If you have a no show or a drop out he can be there by 1030."

    I found out I was on the course the night before!

    T C
  5. How hard is the CIC course for TA
  6. will let you know anytime after the 14th of march. managed to get all mine done in 6 months so well happy.
  7. Not that hard depending on your previous experience. Just do as mentioned before have squared away admin, be switched on, dont get gobby, keep your head down and your nose clan
  8. ex reg. Im expecting it to be like my cadre course but shorter
  9. Yea the DS might pick up on that, just do what you can and if you see, which you probably will some of the younger members struggling help them out. Dont get to smart, or be to big and clever. You shouldn't have to much problem
  10. Bugger all use to you now,

    However 38 Irish Bde based in Ballykinler Training Centre, NI. Have just started a Phase 1C course as of last friday 22nd. Always looking for numbers. Our wee country isn't exactly a hotbed of recruiting for HM Armed Forces.

    Courses WO is contactable through usual means.

    PM for details.
  11. And if you leave more than eight weeks between 1b and 1c you need to do a refresher weekend, and i think if it gets uo to six months then you need to repeat the whole of 1B.
  12. Ex Winter Challenge covers phase 1c. To be run at Barry Buddon. Starts this Saturday.

    I for one wil be nowhere near the place! 8)
  13. I am still quite new to the TA so not up to speed with all the acronyms.

    Does this mean that there are no vacancies on part 1C anywhere in the entire country until May? My unit has tried to book me on a course in April as there is one running at Winchester and one at Grantham but we have not had a response yet.

    If there are no places then I am gutted, I was hoping to be on 1C in April and fully trade trained by the end of May. I am really busy in May which means that I can't go away until June. This will mean that I have to take a refresher weekend for part 1B of my training :-(

    I am prepared to travel anywhere in the UK or Ireland to complete the course even if it involves taking part in some sort of 'Winter challenge'. Does anyone know of a training centre offering it in April?

    I am really enjoying the TA, most probably because I can see real progress every time I go away for a training weekend. The most frustrating thing about the TA is having to wait weeks or sometimes months to get on a course, and consequently having to wait until June to complete 1C would really dent my enthusiasm for it :!:
  14. Try CVHQ REME at Bordon - they might be able to help?
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    msr LE

    You are not alone...