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Why have standards dropped in The British Army.
I remember when the RSM was God, or was it the otherway around, now you can get away with almost anything.
You cannot shout at them, you certainly can,t drop them, if they drop an almighty bollock, or are extremly gobby, its against their Human Rights.
Now i agree with human rights, but i think its gone to far.
When a soldier gets charged, and is up in front of the C.O, he gets 14 days to think about the C.Os award.
Two hours later he,s out on the p*ss, laughing about it.
It's always the new members who jump in with rants like these.

Having not served yet I cannot confirm nor deny what you've said, but if it's true it doesn't come as much of a surprise in these dark times.


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Things have certainly changed if that is what is happening. In my time the 14 days reflection was in the company of the Provost Sgt and his smiling team. :cry:
In my time it was "March the guilty man in Corporal" . You were lucky if you got 14 micro-seconds to blab out "I'll accept your award, SaaH".

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